Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's New Sweatshirt Is Causing A Stir

People can't seem to stop coming at New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat, especially when it comes to what she wears and how she looks, because what else could anyone possibly find to talk about regarding women in politics? Sigh. Remember the politician's Vanity Fair cover shoot that made half of Twitter see red? Well, in December 2020 another controversial moment has unfolded, and, once again, it involves clothing.

AOC's website has merch up for sale, including sweatshirts, posters, mugs, tote bags, and more, featuring messages typical to her platform. For instance, many of the items read: "The Green New Deal" or "Social, Economic, and Racial Justice." 

One specific sweatshirt that's coming under fire is a grey item that reads "Tax the Rich" and retails for $58. Although many are in support of the merch (Fun fact: As of this writing, it is sold out), others are having a conniption about the price. Here's the scoop and how AOC responded to the drama.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responds to her critics

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is selling merchandise on her official webpage, and her "Tax the Rich" sweatshirt is causing fury in some Twitter circles, according to the New York Post. Of course, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro piped up and tweeted, "Only the rich can afford this idiotic sweatshirt." Another person tweeted, "AOC is selling $65 dollar sweatshirts that say 'tax the rich' that only rich ppl can afford. Should just say 'Tax Me.'"

But not everyone is throwing shade AOC's way — Stephen Punwasi, a tech entrepreneur, responded to the negative feedback on Twitter, stating, "Everyone: @AOC is selling a 'tax the rich' sweatshirt for $58! That's way too expensive. Me, a former mass market apparel designer: Made in America. Union printed. Sounds about right. That's what it costs to pay everyone a decent wage along the way."

The New Yorker retweeted Punwasi's tweet and added, "Republicans are freaking out bc we don't use slave-wage labor for merch that funds grassroots organizing." She added, "But what's the difference between Trump's merch and ours? Ours is made in the US. (& for GOP who joke that we should give [clothes] for free, we actually do – just volunteer). Burn baby, burn.