Southern Charm Star Shep Rose Could Have A New Career In His Future

Southern Charm's Shep Rose announced in December 2020 that he wrote a memoir, Average Expectations: Lessons in Lowering the Bar, set for a March 16, 2021, release date. "I wrote this book for the fans and the haters," Shep told People. "I'm sure both groups will be horrified, but ultimately intrigued, by my insane exploits! You'll laugh, you'll cringe...but it just may be the best thing to come out of COVID, excluding, of course, Tiger King."

The reality star's book is one of his many projects — throughout the past few years, he has launched a podcast, clothing line, and a new bar. He also invested in a few businesses, telling The Daily Dish in 2018, "Bars are rocking and rolling. I had another investment that I did with my bro and did really well. So things are really good. I have really nothing to complain about."

As it turns out, Shep isn't done with branching out professionally — in November 2020, he opened up about his next career move. Keep on reading to find out what's next for the Bravo celebrity.

Does Shep have a future in screenwriting?

Shep Rose almost left Southern Charm before Season 7, amid a few controversies and dark moments. Shep started therapy as a result, and he opened up to Decider in November 2020 about the process, including one of their conversations about his passion project.

"One of the many things was, I can be hard on myself. She [the therapist] asked me what I was up to, and I told her I created a TV show — it hasn't gone anywhere, I haven't even pitched it yet," he revealed. "But I went out to LA and I worked with some writers out there, some friends of friends. We came up with a whole pilot. Talk is so cheap in that world, and I don't even want to get too excited about it. But hopefully I talk about it more seriously with you in the future." He continued, "I was being hard on myself in the session, but then I got to that part and she was like, 'Don't be so hard on yourself. These are great things. Yes, you've had some struggles, and yes, you've made some bad decisions. It can be infuriating.'"

It sounds like Shep has a great support system in his corner (including his girlfriend, Taylor Green), and it will be interesting to see what he does next.