The Reason Jimmy Kimmel Allegedly Left His First Wife

Jimmy Kimmel didn't have to go very far outside his day-to-day life to meet his current wife, Molly McNearny. The talented writer met Kimmel while she was working on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, according to People. They reportedly worked together for a few years before they started dating — because both of them were in other relationships. But by 2009 they both found themselves single so they gave their relationship a shot. They tied the knot in 2013 and had their daughter, Jane, in 2014 and son, Billy, in 2017.

McNearny isn't Kimmel's first wife, though, and there's a bit of drama surrounding that relationship. Kimmel was previously married to Gina Maddy for 14 years. The couple shares two children, Katie and Kevin. They reportedly met during college at Arizona State University, according to Amo Mama, and wed in 1988. Katie was born in 1991 and Kevin in 1993 but as Kimmel's star started to rise, his marriage started to fall apart. The question is — was there more to it than just growing apart? There's definitely speculation.

There's speculation that Jimmy Kimmel's relationship with Sarah Silverman overlapped with the end of his marriage

Jimmy Kimmel and his ex wife, Gina Maddy, divorced in 2003 after more than a decade of marriage, according to The Associated Press. The split came just as Kimmel was hired by ABC to host his own late-night talk showJimmy Kimmel Live! And while there wasn't an official statement on the divorce, due to the couple being low-key (aka not famous) at the time, there's been speculation that Sarah Silverman had something to do with it.

There was some apparent overlap in Kimmel's relationship with Silverman and the end of his marriage to Maddy, according to FOX News. The two knew each other for years prior to dating, having run in similar comedy-related circles. A source told FOX News at the time that the relationship was "one of the worst kept 'open secrets' in Hollywood" back then and Silverman would reportedly talk about her "boyfriend" when she wasn't supposed to refer to him as her "boyfriend."

Silverman and Kimmel ended up openly dating from then until 2009 when they decided to just be friends — which is when Kimmel gave it a shot with McNearny, whom he's still happily married to. As for Kimmel's relationship with Maddy, HuffPost reported in 2012 that the two were still not on good terms, and it's unclear how it's going these days.