Mario Lopez's New Lifetime Role Is Raising Eyebrows

Brace yourselves. We certainly had to because we never thought that "Kentucky Fried Chicken" would appear in the same sentence as "Lifetime drama" but here we are.

In a very creative attempt at reworking a commercial, KFC has decided to create a 15-minute mini-movie about Colonel Harland Sanders, played by Mario Lopez, according to Variety. (Mmkay?) This mini-movie will air on Dec. 13, 2020 at noon and it even has a trailer. (Hey, if Hollywood won't cast Lopez anymore, at least he's getting a mini Lifetime romance.)

Lopez will star as the fried chicken colonel in what Variety calls a "steamy Lifetime drama," tying in the heart-palpitating elements of "dysfunctional family dynamics and forbidden love" because nothing makes you think of forbidden love more than fast food. The best part of all? The title of this mini-movie commercial is A Recipe for Seduction.

One Twitter user asked the very apt question: "The last 4 years have really messed with my ability to identify satire. Is this satire? Please tell me it is." Honey, we don't know, either. Frankly, Twitter is very busy with questions. Here's what's going on.

Mario Lopez will play KFC's Colonel Sanders

Mario Lopez just got a brand new role as Colonel Harland Sanders in a KFC-sponsored Lifetime mini-movie, according to TV Line, called A Recipe for Seduction. This is normal, right?

On KFC's Facebook page, the fried chicken empire advertised their upcoming mini-movie with the following: "Some folks take their secrets to the grave, but Colonel Sanders takes his to the deep fryer." The official synopsis for the flick explains that a young heiress is presented with a suitor by her mother but, low and behold, a handsome chef arrives and throws the carefully arranged romance into chaos, per TV Line.

Twitter is busy with this new information as people try to figure out if this is real or not. (And yes, it appears that it's real, friends.) One person tweeted: "I am calling for a total and complete ban on the KFC marketing department until we can figure out what the hell is going on."

Twitter is worth a scroll just for the fast food jokes alone. Someone added: "And the following week Lopez will play the Hamburglar in a mini-movie called 'I Stole Your Big Mac...and Your Heart.'" Meanwhile, another person offered some further suggestions, including: "Josh Duhamel in McDonald's 'A Special Sauce of Lust.'" Oh boy. This one has already left a bad taste in our mouths.