The Truth About Kenya Moore's Date With Kanye West

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore recently opened up to Wendy Williams about her one-time date with Kanye West — where, yes, things got kind of weird.

In an early December 2020 sit-down with the talk show host (well, as much of a sit-down as it could be given that Kenya was Zooming into the show), Williams put Kenya in the "hot seat," where she divulged details about her time with the "Jesus Walks" rapper. When Kenya revealed she went on a date with West, she laughed and immediately piqued the audience's interest. (Though she didn't reveal when exactly the date took place, she mentioned that she was a hot commodity in the '90s.)

"It was a disaster," Kenya recalled, before launching into the strange story, which allegedly involved Yeezy tuning into some, uh, inappropriate programs on television. 

So, what exactly went down on Kenya's date with West? Check out all of the details after the jump.

Kanye West watched 'very explicit' content on TV, according to Kenya Moore

Long before Kanye West was married to Kim Kardashian, he had one date with Real Housewife Kenya Moore that left the reality star questioning his, well, questionable decisions.

"Somehow we ended up going to his house and there was, like, some very explicit things on TV," Kenya told Wendy Williams. "And I was lost — he left me alone; I was just there for five minutes. He left me alone, wandering around his house." (If this home was anything as terrifyingly minimalist as his mansion now, we can only imagine it was like Kenya was wandering around an empty museum.)

"And then when I followed the noises, he was watching something on TV that he probably shouldn't have been," she remembered. "So that was my exit! As much as I love him, it was just the craziest thing." Hopefully, West's idea of an ideal date has improved since then — for Kardashian's sake.