90 Day Fiance: Why Brandon's Parents Have Concerns About Julia

As to be expected, Season 8 of the hit TLC reality series, 90 Day Fiancé, is packed with drama. The first episode of the eighth season of the show aired on Dec. 6, 2020, and already there are some beyond awkward moments — specifically from Brandon and Julia. Even more specifically? From Brandon's parents, who have overstepped a boundary or several. However, they've apparently done so for their son's sake — because they have a few issues with his fiancée, Julia.

In the episode, Brandon, who is a young farmer, reveals that he first met Julia, a go-go dancer in Russia, when his friend video-chatted him from a club. He immediately knew Julia was The One and proposed five months later, after meeting IRL once. According to ET Online, both Brandon and Julia's parents met in France, where Brandon's mom expressed her initial hesitation.

"We really enjoyed our interaction with Julia. She seems like a lovely person," she said. "But I mean, I've got to admit, both of our radars are still out, because we just don't know that her intentions are for Brandon, and has his best interests at heart."

Brandon's mom hopes that Julia will leave her dancing profession behind and instead become a farmhand

There's no doubt that working on a farm is a far, far cry from being a dancer (or a bodybuilder, or a beauty pageant contestant, all of which Julia has been). And that fact leaves Brandon's mom worried. She also put down Julia's role as a dancer.

"Hearing the fact that she has been a go-go dancer, of course, it made us immediately be concerned," she revealed in the episode, according to ET Online. "I hope it wasn't more — she wasn't a [sex worker], or a call girl, or something. Of course, Brandon has assured us that she's not. But we hope that, when she comes, that that's part of her past, and not her future. Hopefully, Julia will embrace the farm, and she won't mind helping with a lot of the chores that need to be done around here."

Brandon's mom also divulged that she's worried about Julia's "mood swings," which Brandon himself even acknowledged.

"I started to see, you know, her bad side — the fact that she had some bad moods, and things, that she wants to harp on me about," Brandon said about seeing Julia for the second time in France, with their families. "I call her 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' because, one minute, you know, she can be a total angel, and the next minute... She could explode."

Brandon's mom called the gynecologist to try and get Julia on birth control

Even though their relationship is on somewhat shaky ground, given that they're still really getting to know each other, Brandon and Julia don't seem to have any qualms about getting pregnant. At least, it seems that way, considering they're not using any form of birth control.

When Brandon's mom asked her son whether Julia was on birth control, according to ET Online, he told her that she wasn't and that she didn't want to take it. Brandon also revealed that they're not using condoms either, explaining he "doesn't want to take on that responsibility."

This caused Brandon's mother to take matters into her own hands, even calling up a gynecologist and scheduling an appointment for Julia. Needless to say, this didn't exactly go over too well with Brandon.

"She can call whoever she wants to. She can talk to them. Is that gonna change anything? No. She can't make Julia's decision for her," he revealed.

As for what will become of Brandon and Julia's relationship (and Brandon's parents' own relationship with Julia), it looks like only time will tell.