How Much Is Kim Kardashian Actually Worth?

Let's face it: nobody does "famous for the sake of being famous" quite like the Kardashian-Jenners. As the brightest jewel in the reality TV dynasty, Kim Kardashian might also be far and away the richest family member. Between her TV show, book, mobile app, numerous appearances and successful fragrance line, it's easy to guesstimate that Kim K is worth quite a bit of money.

But exactly how much is Kim Kardashian worth? The answer just might surprise you.

'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' will reportedly pay her $15 million

If you're wondering why the Kardashians are so determined to keep their reality TV show (and numerous spin-offs) on the air, look no further than their massive paychecks. According to The Richest, Kim alone makes a whopping $40,000 per episode.

The Mirror claimed that Kim Kardashian, her mother Kris Jenner and her sisters signed a deal with E! in 2015 that would pay the women $100 million for three more seasons and an optional fourth. Sources told TMZ the number is closer to $80 million. But exactly how much of that money belongs to the show's main star? Well, the Mirror, quoting Heat magazine, says that Kim should be getting about $15 million. It's worth noting that's less cash than "momager" Kris, who is expected to make about $20 million off the deal.

Hollywood earnings top $40 million

Kim Kardashian stunned everyone by not only getting into the app business, but creating the most successful celebrity app to date. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood proved to be a sleeper hit: the addictive game allows the user to live out fantasy lives as celebrities. Because most people have fantasized about being a star at one point or another, this is really a success we should have seen coming.

Despite early claims that Hollywood is a "$200 million app," Forbes estimates the Glu Games, Inc. app earned $74.3 million in 2014 and $71.8 million in 2015. The app's possible earnings could be way down for 2016, but the game has likely earned more than $150 million to date. Forbes also claimed that Kardashian likely pocketed around $40 million thanks to a lucrative contract guaranteeing her 40 percent of the app's earnings. For what it's worth, though: Glu staunchly denied the existence of such an agreement.

She reportedly earns up to $200,000 for sponsored Instagram posts

Imagine being rewarded with hundreds of thousands of dollars to say a few words on social media. That may sound ludicrous to the point of impossible, but this is allegedly true for Kardashian and her famous sisters. A source told Page Six that Kim can earn up to $200,000 for "makeup, clothing and music" products. Kim reportedly made $700,000 in July 2016 when she took selfies with Instagram celebrities during a trip to the Hamptons.

And $1 million just to show up

This is one instance where "famous for the sake of being famous" definitely pays off. Cosmopolitan wrote that Kardashian once earned just shy of $500,000 to be a Saudi prince's date for a few hours. Although she's allegedly too expensive for club appearances these days, when Kim does show up, it can cost a pretty penny. Page Six shared the reality TV starlet reportedly gets paid $1 million to put in an appearance at parties. That's right: Kim Kardashian-West shows up and waves—and she earns more in one evening than most people will earn in their entire lives.

Her 'Selfish' book might have sold 125,000 copies

Early reports claimed Selfish, Kim's book of selfies, was an absolute flop; however, Us Weekly learned that the book may have sold more than 125,000 copies to date and is reportedly in its fourth printing. While there aren't any exact figures available regarding earnings, Kardashian can count her published selfies book as a success that helped make her money rather cause a financial setback.

Her line of signature perfumes are potentially worth millions

Since 2009, Kardashian has released multiple fragrances. Money Nation notes there are no hard figures for earnings, but a few details about how perfume sales work at least generate a ballpark figure.

Kardashian's fragrances typically sell for $30 each. Money Nation writes that industry standards indicate that celebrities are typically granted 10 percent of earnings for per bottle. That would mean she could get paid $3 per bottle. With Kardashian's perfume selling into the millions, that easily translates millions of dollars for the reality TV star.

Total estimated worth: $149 million

How much has Kardashian earned to date? As of October 2016, Money Nation put her total earnings at $348 million. Thanks to taxes and expenses, Kim's overall wealth was knocked down considerably. Of course, that's relative to Mrs. Kardashian-West. As of now, she's believed to be worth about $149 million. What's most impressive about that figure? If you check out Money Nation's chart, you'll see that Kim's overall value skyrocketed within a window of 10 years.

However you feel about Kim Kardashian, it's hard to knock her hustle.

...But that Paris robbery incident may cost her millions

In October 2016, Kardashian was allegedly robbed by five masked men inside her Paris hotel room, where she had over $5 million worth of her jewelry stolen from her. And that's not even the worst part. In the aftermath of the incident, Kardashian has understandably stepped back from social media and public appearances; remember, this is a woman who was reportedly bound, gagged, and held at gunpoint.

Still, her reported decision to suspend all commitments and social media postings indefinitely could prove to be costly for the reality TV starlet. According to People, Kardashian's brand is generating approximately $1 million per month. Which means that, if she goes through with her plan to skip on appearances and social media promotions, it could cost her millions more—on top of what was stolen in Paris!

Fortunately for her, she's reportedly feeling comfortable enough to resume filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians again. So, it's likely she'll return to her own, money-making self again in no time.