90 Day Fiance: How Fernanda Celebrated Her Divorce From Jonathan

In the fascinating world of 90 Day Fiancé, scandal and divorce are par for the course. For a show about people from different countries who don't really know each other but decide to get engaged anyway, a little turmoil is not uncommon. That was especially true for Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera. The two appeared on 90 Day Fiancé when Fernanda was living in her native Mexico and struggling to get a visa to visit Jonathan, her long-distance boyfriend. Eventually, Jonathan proposed, and she was able to secure the 90-day visa to travel to North Carolina.

According to Fernanda, that's where things started to go downhill. The cultural shift from Mexico to the states was a lot to take in. "[Jonathan] took me from my country, my English was zero," she reportedly said in a since-deleted youtube video, per Us Weekly. Fernanda found herself at Jonathan's mercy, as she had no car or way to get around. What's worse, they began to argue more and more. She claimed that the arguments quickly escalated from verbal to physical altercations in the video she posted shortly after the split. "I was so scared, I was crying, I was afraid [for] my life," she reportedly said.

Nowadays, Fernanda is busy living her best life in Chicago, which includes not just embracing her split from Jonathan but straight up celebrating it. Read on to find out how Fernanda turned her crappy marriage into a work of art.

Fernanda Flores turned her divorce into art

To celebrate her divorce from Jonathan Rivera, 90 Day Fiancé star, Fernanda Flores, did something a little unconventional with her wedding dress. Usually, when people get divorced, they sell the gown or banish it to a box in a dusty attic somewhere — that's not Fernanda's vibe, though. The reality star went the opposite direction and turned her ill-fated wedding dress into an art project.

Fernanda chronicled the process in a video posted to her YouTube channel in June 2020. "We all dream about a perfect wedding with a beautiful long dress and your loved ones around," she said over footage of herself trying on the dress. "We [are] afraid of failure," she added as she walked down an elegant staircase in her gown. "It may hurt, and it may bring us a lot of pain. In my case, it even brought me bullying, racism, and hate," she said, referring to her failed relationship. "But it made me stronger," she continued, "it brought me new amazing friends." Fernanda then stands in the middle of a tarp in an art gallery holding a wilting bouquet. "This was definitely not a failure."

The tone of the video changes from somber to joyous as Fernanda's friends surround her and proceed to throw different colored paint all over her wedding dress. By the end of the video, Fernanda is beaming, and the wedding dress is all but destroyed.