Southern Charm: Why Landon Clements Can't Stand Kathryn Dennis

Although she hasn't been on Southern Charm since Season 4, that doesn't mean Landon Clements doesn't still have opinions about her former castmates' antics. Much like some of the other women in the early seasons, Landon never liked Kathryn Dennis or accepted her lifestyle. Apparently, nothing has really changed, according to some recent comments she made on the Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast. 

You can't blame some people for being wary of Kathryn. In the Season 7 premiere, for example, Kathryn and Craig Conover went out to lunch and over some grub, Kathryn mentioned that there was a rumor that Cameran Eubanks' husband was cheating on her. Judging from Craig's face and his attempts to steer the conversation, it was clear that Kathryn was stirring the pot for the cameras and trying to turn up the drama-meter. Kathryn's attempt to bring anything to light was squashed before it even began, though not for her lack of trying; Eubanks announced that she was leaving the show while this season was already filming. These antics are precisely Landon's issue with the reality star. 

Landon thinks Kathryn will do anything to stay relevant

Landon Clements thinks that Kathryn Dennis needs to take a look at her life outside of Southern Charm. She said during an appearance on the Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast, "[Kathryn] hasn't really created any sort of life for herself outside of the show." The reality star added, "When your whole life is wrapped up in that, then you have to always bring the drama and bring all of this, even if it means like destroying other people. She doesn't care." 

Landon added that she thinks Cameran Eubanks did the right thing by quitting the show. "I think she had actually had left before those rumors started. And I think that's why Kathryn thought it would be fine for her to take a shot because she wasn't going to have to actually answer to it with Cam," Landon hypothesized. "It's just wild... but I don't put anything past Kathryn. She'll do anything to stay relevant and in the limelight." Landon even opined that Kathryn had kids just to stay on the show, and called her "despicable," so they are clearly not on the best terms.

Southerners might have a reputation for having good manners, but when it comes to the women of Southern Charm anything seems to go.