Southern Charm: Why Danni Baird Kicked Kathryn Out Of Her House

One of the longest-standing friendships on Bravo's Southern Charm has been between Danni Baird and Kathryn Dennis. The two have always been very close and Danni has often had Kathryn's back, even when Kathryn had alienated everyone else around her whether intentionally or not. But at the start of Season 7, Danni and Kathryn are estranged for no other reason than Kathryn hasn't been picking up Danni's calls. 

Viewers learned this during the Dec. 3, 2020, episode, in which new cast member Leva Bonaparte called Danni to invite her to a rally to take down the monument to former Vice President John C. Calhoun, who also happens to be Kathryn's direct ancestor. Leva told Danni that Kathryn had been reaching out to her "a lot" ever since Kathryn was called out online for sending a monkey emoji to a Black woman she was fighting with on Instagram, per Page Six. Danni said that she had tried to reach out to her friend to support her but to no avail. When Leva tried to explain that Kathryn might be reaching out to her because she's the one woman of color in their friend group, Danni seemed more focused on the fact that Kathryn had been avoiding her for some reason. 

The tension reached a boiling point during the Dec. 10, 2020, episode when Danni kicked Kathryn out of her house during an argument. Here's what went down.

Kathryn Dennis rolled her eyes at Danni Baird

During the episode of Southern Charm, Kathryn Dennis and Danni Baird sit down to catch up. Kathryn tells Danni that she has in fact reached out, despite what Danni has been telling Leva and her friends. Kathryn insists that she reaches out to Danni, but Danni continues to remind her that she hasn't, even amid the monkey emoji scandal. As the conversation escalates, Danni calls out her friend for rolling her eyes, which Kathryn also denies doing. "My face just did that," she says. "I'm not rolling my eyes at you. I'm not like an a**hole," Kathryn adds. 

Eventually, Danni wonders why Kathryn even came over, since they haven't seen each other in months. Kathryn then accuses Danni of "coming at her like she's a brat," something that upsets Danni, given that she's always defending her actions. "Ok Danni," Kathryn says sarcastically, with another eye roll. That's the final straw — Danni tells her friend to just go and to come back when she's ready to have an authentic conversation. 

Things really are different in Charleston these days if Danni and Kathryn aren't getting along. Hopefully, the two women can mend their friendship by the season's end.