What You Don't Know About Chase Chrisley's Girlfriend, Emmy Medders

Reality star Chase Chrisley and his girlfriend, Emmy Medders, are cuter than cute. She's a graduate of the University of Georgia, and Emmy is a devout Christian who is all about family. Chase has been Instagram official with Emmy since July 2020, and the star of Growing Up Chrisley appears quite serious about his girlfriend, if his social media accounts are an indication. 

Fans have watched Chase grow up on the hit reality show Chrisley Knows Best since 2014. Fans of the Chrisley family have seen him transform from a skinny teenager of 18 to a confident young 20-something. Chase and Emmy had known each other for many years before they became romantically involved, according to AmoMama

Emmy has a blog and she describes herself on her About page: "I think I am a very bubbly person. I love talking with others and meeting new people. My favorite place to go is the beach, but I also love to travel to different places. My favorite hobbies include shopping, getting my nails done, and hanging out with my mom. For the most part, I am generally a happy person. I try to look at the bright side of most things, and I love to laugh and smile!" It sounds like Emmy will fit right in with Chase and his family!

Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders are a sweet couple

Chase Chrisley has been in other relationships; the reality star was previously in a relationship with Kayla Puzas, then Instagram personality Brooke Noury. Chase's dad, Todd Chrisley, told the world that no one in the family liked Brooke during an episode of Chrisley Knows Best.

But it appears Chase and his new girlfriend, Emmy Medders, are a little more serious than his previous girlfriends. According to Life and Style, Chase and Emmy have talked about engagement, but he said: "As of right now, I'm not pulling the trigger." If the reality star and Emmy decided to take their relationship to the next step and get engaged, his dad would give his thumbs up! According to Life and Style, Chase's father is a big fan of Emmy. 

Todd also talked about Emmy during a November 2020 episode of his podcast, Chrisley Confessions, according to Life and Style: "She is a good, decent, honorable, honest, all-American sweetheart and her family is just literally salt of the Earth. You do not get any better than her family."