Why Cody Simpson Could Be Headed To The Olympics

Australian singer Cody Simpson is a man of many talents. In addition to having multiple studio albums under his belt, he's also an actor, making a cameo appearance on Cougar Town and playing Dmitry in Anastasia on Broadway, among other gigs. That being said, many fans may be surprised to find out that Simpson has another passion — and one he's quite good at. 

The pop star grew up competing as a swimmer and even scooped up two gold medals at the Queensland Swimming Championships at age 13 before deciding to switch gears and focus on music, per PeopleOn Dec. 13, 2020, Simpson took to Instagram to explain why he gave up the sport after making such a splash as a teen. "... I was given an opportunity in music that I couldn't refuse," he wrote. 

Simpson continued, "I have had the chance to experience and learn so much as a musician from touring around the world, releasing albums, performing as a leading man on Broadway, publishing a work of poetry, traveling with and speaking at the United Nations on environmental and oceanic matters and much more. For this I will be forever grateful."

However, things seem to be coming full circle as Simpson revealed major news on the swimming front in the same post, writing, "I'd love to share this personal milestone and let you in on my current journey as an athlete that I've kept relatively low key until now."

Cody Simpson qualified for the Australian Olympic trials for the first time

Alongside a poolside photo showing off his toned physique with his arms triumphantly raised, Cody Simpson wrote on Instagram: "For years I had been fuelled [sic] by the silent fire in my stomach of returning to my first love, the sport of swimming, with the idea that 2020 would be the year I'd try training again."

After being "back in the water" for five months and working with his "incredible coach," Brett Hawke, Simpson scored a major win and officially secured a spot in the 2021 Australian Olympic trials for the 100 Fly. Upon hearing the news, other swimming legends chimed in with support for Simpson, including Michael Phelps, Stephanie Rice, Michael Klim and Ethan Thorpe, according to the Daily Mail. Thorpe commented on Simpson's Instagram post, writing, "Happy to see you in the pool and enjoying it."

Simpson ended his Instagram post with some inspirational words: "... I'm here to tell you can do absolutely ANYTHING if you are willing to work for it. I'm looking forward to seeing where this all takes me on the long road ahead!"