Why Shep Rose Thinks Cameran Eubanks Finally Quit Southern Charm

Shep Rose and Cameran Eubanks are as thick as thieves, so if anyone really knows why Cam decided to not renew her contract with Southern Charm for Season 7, it's Bravo's favorite party boy, aka Shep. 

But first, let's recap what has gone on since she left. The premiere episode in October 2020 season concluded with Kathryn Dennis attempting to spread a rumor about Cam's husband, Jason Wimberly, allegedly having an affair. Filming had just started when Kathryn told Craig Conover about the allegation on-camera, and Cameran later denied the affair in text messages she sent to Kathryn. Still, it didn't stop fans from wondering whether her family drama was the real reason behind Cameran leaving Southern Charm after Season 6. 

As it turns out, the gossip itself wasn't necessarily the bulk of Cam's worries, at least according to Shep. But she might have been wary of where all of the drama was heading, and how it might affect her husband and their young daughter, Palmer. Here's what Shep had to say about the situation. 

Southern Charm got too dark for Cameran Eubanks

Shep Rose told Entertainment Tonight that the show might have gotten too dark for Cameran Eubanks after Season 6. Although there wasn't any major fight or storyline around Cam, there was a ton of drama and a lot of it led to messy fighting within the group. Something that just didn't sit right with her, according to Shep. He told the outlet, "I think Cameran, one of the reasons she left is she was just, like, there was always a sense of decorum in our group," he adds, suggesting that got lost in Season 6. "Like, there would be some screaming matches, but you didn't cross certain lines, you didn't really go for jugular, because after all we are Southern Charm, right?" 

He added that his BFF has always waffled between doing the show or not but usually ended up signing on at the last minute and having "a ball." But something about the "tone" of Season 6 just left a bad taste in her mouth. She ultimately decided to bail, but Shep hopes he can be part of a change. "I wanted to ... continue and sort of let my soul shine through, hopefully. So, that was kind of my determining factor. I was like, let's do this again, because we can do it better," he said. 

To each their own, right? Hopefully, Cam feels good about her decision...and maybe she can show up as a guest at a kegger or something in Season 7.