Kesha Was Born With This Eyebrow-Raising Condition

Kesha has now been in the music industry for over a decade, and she has changed remarkably. The pop star got her start with songs like "Tik Tok" and "Right Round," building a name by following trends of the time and creating some of the best party music around. At the beginning of the 2010s, it seemed that Kesha was churning out hit after hit.

By 2016, though, Kesha was known for a very different reason. When she took Dr. Luke to court, alleging emotional abuse and sexual assault, she became an icon for survivors everywhere. The experience changed her musical sound, too, with the singer releasing ballads like "Praying" and "Rainbow" that showcased her processing her ordeal.

Kesha's sound wasn't the only thing that changed as she entered the music industry, though. In 2020, the singer and songwriter revealed that she was actually born with a surprising variation on her body. Keep reading to find out more about the eyebrow-raising condition that Kesha was born with.

Kesha was born with a tail

In an interview with Whitney Cummings in 2020, Kesha revealed that she had a tail — or, at least she used to. Cummings told the pop star during the interview that she had just googled Kesha for the first time, and heard that she had a tail. "Oh I do — I did," Kesha said, quickly correcting herself and adding, "A doctor stole it."

Huh? "I swear to God, he did not tell me he was taking my tail off, and took my tail," Kesha said. "It was very small," the singer added, likening its appearance to a mole on her back. One day, though, she thought to ask her doctor what it was, and they said that it was, in fact, technically a tail.

It wasn't until her 20s that the tail was removed, and it was done without Kesha's consent. "When I was getting a yearly check-up... this doctor stole my motherf***ing tail! And like, didn't ask permission, just, like, zapped it right off." Kesha seemed to be in a fairly jovial mood about the whole thing, joking that she would have liked to put it "in a case" or "on a necklace," but she did say that she missed her tail. Of course, Kesha has never been the most conventional pop star, but the tail really is something we didn't see coming.