This Is What Izabella Miko From Coyote Ugly Looks Like Today

Coyote Ugly is one of those 2000 films that fans love and will continue to watch for years. But first, let's recap the story. The plot follows a gullible and a little naïve Jersey girl named Violet, played by Piper Perabo, who moves to New York City in hopes of becoming a recording artist but instead becomes a bartender at one of the wildest, real-life bars in the city. She then befriends the other bartenders Cammie, Zoe, and Rachel (played by Izabella Miko, Tyra Banks, and Bridget Moynahan, respectively,) who help her rediscover her goal alongside the cute love interest played by Adam Garcia.

With a reboot possibly on the horizon – as hinted by Banks in an October 2020 interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show – fans are wondering where those original cast members are 20 years later. So let's take a look at where Miko has been since she played the sexually liberated Cammie.

Izabella Miko is as gorgeous as ever

Izabella Miko has had an active and successful acting career since her Coyote Ugly days. According to Entertainment Weekly, the Polish actor went on to "capitalize on her background as a dancer." She danced in a few music videos for the rock band The Killers before taking on the role of Carrie in the television series Deadwood.

Her next major role occurred in 2006 when she starred as Sara in the sequel to Save the Last Dance, originally played by Julia Stiles. For the following 15 years, she had roles on the big and small screens, and as of December 2020, per her IMDB profile, it doesn't seem like she has any intention of slowing down.

Outside of her career, Miko is an outspoken activist. She's a proud vegan and talks about her belief in eating clean and putting a stop to animal cruelty on her blog, Eko Miko, where she also sells environment-friendly wax candles.