The Family Chantel: Why Royal Gave His Family A Warning Before His Wedding

The Family Chantel is known for putting their family drama on full display for reality TV fans. But Royal Everett is not having it at his wedding. The newlywed had to give his own family a threatening warning ahead of his second ceremony after they made his wife, Angenette Everett, feel uncomfortable in addition to fueling fights between the couple. 

The second season of the 90 Day Fiance spin-off follows Royal and Angenette as they work to move past their trust and communication issues after getting married through the K-1 visa process. The couple has tried to move forward after Chantel Everett blindsided her sister-in-law with a number of suspicions she claimed Royal had said behind Angenette's back. 

Following the heated moment that left Angenette crying and Royal attacking the show's producers, the couple was still preparing to exchange their vows in their second wedding ceremony in Angenette's native Philippines. 

But things were already off to an awkward start after Angenette saw how glammed up Chantel, her mother, and sister got for the event. "In our community, we are simple there," Angenette said in a clip shared by ET. "We don't really afford those expensive stuff. It kind of upset me a little bit because the attention of the people should be on us, Royal and I."

Royal Everett's 'awkward' demand at his wedding

Considering the melee Chantel Everett helped ignite between Royal and Angenette Everett, it's not too surprising that Royal gave his family an ultimatum ahead of his second wedding. "This is not a time to bring up any kind of stuff that would take the focus off of our time and distract everybody from our wedding," he told his parents and siblings in the clip shared by ET. "That would be very horrible. If you do that, you guys are going to have to leave, and honestly, we don't want to have to throw anybody out."

His family was visibly taken aback by the harsh demand and asked Royal if he even wanted them there. "Yes, I want you to be there but if you guys are going to be bringing up stupid stuff and drama, you don't do that at this place," he replied before threatening their removal from the ceremony. "I don't want to have to kick you guys out." 

His sister and the star of the reality show, Chantel, commented on how "f**ked up" the situation is. "It's so awkward that our family is at odds going into this wedding," she griped. Meanwhile her husband, Pedro Jimeno, recalled the family's history with messing up weddings. "This family has problems with weddings," he said. "They hate weddings, maybe. They want to mess up the wedding ... ours was messed up."