The Truth About Tom Hardy's Friendship With Prince Harry

Actor Tom Hardy and Prince Harry are close friends. The Venom actor is exceptionally loyal to the Duke of Sussex. In an interview with Esquire in 2018, Hardy told the magazine that his friendship with Harry is "deeply private." However, the British hunk also told Esquire, "Harry is a f**king legend." Everyone needs a friend who talks about them like Hardy talks about his royal buddy.

Hardy is considered a close friend of the royal and has been for several years. Hello Magazine reported they became friends after the actor got involved in The Prince's Trust in 2010. Hardy became an ambassador for the charity, which helps young people in the British empire. 

It seems the Mad Max star has made nice with other members of the royal family as well. People reported that Hardy, Prince Harry, and Prince William made a cameo in one of the recent Star Wars films. The movie's part featuring the actor and the royal brothers ended up being deleted in the Star Wars film, but what a blast!

 Keep reading to find out more about Hardy and Harry's friendship. 

Tom Hardy and Prince Harry are both legends in U.K.

A 2018 Esquire magazine feature on Tom Hardy explained the actor's fame in the U.K. as such: "Hardy may be an accomplished actor in the U.S., but in his home country he's a national treasure. In June, he was awarded the title Commander of the Order of the British Empire, which, while not as prestigious as knighthood, is on the same scale."

U.K. resident Hardy was shooting a film in New Orleans on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding day. The British star told Esquire that he flew from New Orleans to go to his friend's ceremony. People reported that Hardy and his wife Charlotte Riley attended the wedding and party for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Remember the good old days before Megxit?

But it was Town and Country that shared Hardy's social media post about his friend. Hardy's Instagram post on Harry and Meghan's wedding day was so sweet. Hardy's post was a photo of the newlyweds with a message: "Boss." The actor included a bunch of emojis, including a unicorn, eagle, and heart.

The friendship between the prince and the actor appears strong, even though both friends are busy men.