The Truth About Michelle Duggar's Temper

The allegations against the Duggar family just keep "Counting On." Parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are no strangers to controversy. After the 2015 sexual abuse scandal that exposed son Josh's history of molesting young girls — two of which were his own sisters — the Duggars readjusted their reality TV spotlight following the cancellation of "19 Kids and Counting." Daughter Jill Duggar Dillard left their spinoff series "Counting On" in 2017, however, in an effort to distance herself from the family. One of her biggest reasons behind the fall out? Following the Duggar family rules, which range from strict dress codes to questionable child-rearing techniques. No wonder the Duggar children got married young and tried to curb the Duggar dating restrictions! 

Now, new information has come to light about matriarch Michelle's hot temper. According to a source for The Hollywood Gossip, it is only a matter of time until the off-camera "modern ministry" of the Duggar family is publicly revealed. Michelle has a slew of allegations against her that are quite questionable. Keep scrolling to find out what has come out about the Duggar clan.

Does Michelle Duggar threaten her kids?

There seems to be a dark side to both Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, as both parents allegedly threaten their brood with harsh consequences if certain lifestyle rules are not obeyed. Per Showbiz Cheat Sheet, son Josiah Duggar was "married off" to Lauren Swanson after clashing with his father, Jim Bob. His "rebellion" of trying to date outside their strict courting custom led Josiah to be exiled by way of marriage. 

But that's not all. Michelle has been known to scream at her children, and a source for The Hollywood Gossip claimed Michelle chases her kids to hit them with spoons or spatulas after the slightest disagreement. These allegations seem to echo what son-in-law Derick Dillard captured on his Facebook Live: Michelle intensely yelling at her young daughter. The social media post allegedly got Derick and Jill Duggar "fired" from the series, and estranged the family even further, per Screen Rant. 

Michelle has also been known to instruct her older children to parent the younger tots, seemingly not caring about all 19 of her children equally. Could this newfound information damage the Duggar family brand even further? 

Michelle Duggar has strange ideals about how to be a wife

With 19 children, Michelle Duggar probably gives advice to her children without warning, resulting in interesting conversations around autonomy, agency, and consent. An example of this could be seen during a confessional on "19 Kids and Counting," where Michelle talks about how to be a good wife.

"God talks about a wife doing her husband good and not evil all the days of our life. And I think that's what I say to my girls," she said nonchalantly. "You want to be your husband's biggest cheerleader. You want to be the one that always encourages him and doesn't put him down to other people, but really it is that one to just do him good all the days of his life."

While those words may have seemed innocent, Michelle wasn't done. She added, "That encompasses many things for a wife because in every area of life, when y'all are working through life together, you have many things that you can do that for him in, in many areas." Is anyone else reading between the lines? While we're sure her husband, Jim, didn't mind her musings, some things are just better left unsaid to her children and the public.

Michelle Duggar's daughter doesn't agree with her parenting

As viewers would know, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar do not follow traditional methods of parenting. Michelle famously told viewers that she used a buddy system while raising her kids, meaning the children were broken up into partnerships, which saw the older sibling taking care of the younger one, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. The system, while initially helpful, had fans concerned that the Duggar kids had a distant relationship with their parents, per the outlet. Additionally, Michelle's no TV ban left a bad impression on daughter Jill Duggar, who has said she would not parent like her mom.

"We take the advice of our pediatrician and don't go beyond, like, two hours a day," Jill's husband, Derek Dillard told Us Weekly in March about how they parent their kids and control their TV consumption. Jill added, "We try to limit any in some days to, like, zero screen time, especially if the weather is really nice. But there are times where it might be more than two hours a day, but I can justify it in my head if I'm like, 'Well, the last two days they didn't have any screen time.'" She added that she won't be too upset, though, if her kids have an occasional day with extra screen time.

Clearly, not only has Michelle's temper become a problem in her childrens' lives, but the way she has parented has had negative effects too.