90 Day Fiance: Do Narkiya And Olulowo Have Any Kids?

Narkyia Lathan and Olulowo Shodipe are one of the many 90 Day Fiancé success stories. Although they left fans unsure if they would stand the test of time together, the Season 4 couple has remained in a solid union since appearing on the show.  

After meeting the Nigerian native in a social media group for plus-size women, Narkyia struck up a connection that resulted in a long-distance relationship. However, she quickly became suspicious after she learned about the catfishing Lowo was trying to pull on her. In addition to lying about living in Alabama, Olulowo also claimed that he was a Nigerian prince who was raising his son alone after suffering the loss of the child's mother. "I started to feel a little suspicious," Narkyia admitted to producers. "So I went into Inspector Gadget mode and found some really big lies." 

She went on to recall finding his other social media profile where she saw a photo of a woman with his son and realized it was his son's mother. "Very much alive and not dead," she confessed. It turns out Lowo was actually living in Vietnam studying business and not in Alabama living as a Nigerian prince like he claimed. 

Olulowo Shodipe dances for Narkyia Lathan and their daughter

However, despite being confronted with lies early on, Narkyia Lathan decided to give Olulowo Shodipe another chance. The 90 Day Fiancé couple briefly split after Narkyia realized Lowo might be reconciling with his son's mother, as noted by Us Weekly. However, they went on to get married after filming wrapped and expanded their family. 

In August 2020, Narkyia and Olulowo took to social media to announce the birth of their first child together, Nifemi Denise Shodipe. "Let me introduce you all to my Baby Love and Lowo's little twin, Miss Nifemi Denise," Narkyia captioned a photo of their newborn baby girl. She also shared a hilarious video of her husband dancing in the delivery room after welcoming their daughter. 

"Omg! It hurts to laugh ... I literally just had a C-Section! He plays wayyyyy too much," she captioned the comical video of Lowo showing off his ripped body while serenading his wife with an impromptu post-delivery dance. In December 2020, Lowo shared a video cuddled up with baby Nifemi ahead of the Christmas holiday. The couple might have gotten off to an odd start, but we are so thrilled for them and their growing family!