The Untold Truth Of Family Karma's Monica Vaswani

Bravo TV's Family Karma, a reality TV show following Indian-Americans in Miami, Fla., premiered in March 2020. One of the show's stars is a young professional named Monica Vaswani, who impressed viewers with her hard work ethic and close relationship with her divorced dad, Raj Vaswani. Monica also had a juicy storyline, as she an ongoing on-again, off-again flirtation with her co-star, Brian Benni. The will they or won't they narrative rubbed fellow cast member Anisha Ramakrishna the wrong way, as she felt like Monica wasn't upfront about her feelings for Brian. As for Monica? She argued that Anisha was bullying her out of jealousy for a reason completely unrelated to Brian.

Now that Season 1 has wrapped and the dust has settled a bit, fans want to know more about Monica's life outside the show. Although Monica's active social media presence has answered these questions, there's still a lot of info to share about her accomplishments and personal life. What are her next career goals, for instance? And is she seeing someone not named Brian? Plus, what does she think about reality TV? We answer all of those questions about Monica below! 

Who is Monica Vaswani's ideal partner?

Ever since the Family Karma wrapped in April 2020, Monica Vaswani has been busy building her brand on Instagram, sharing everything from career advice to tips for the perfect blowout. When she's not interacting with her followers on the 'gram, the reality star is busy working as a "software specialist" and, pre-COVID-19, she was a dance instructor on the side. 

So where does romance fit into all of that? Although it's not clear as of this writing whether she has a boyfriend (fans will probably find out the answer in Season 2 of Family Karma), she did reveal to Bollyspice in March 2020 that she wants someone who is "so in tune with Indian pop culture and music." She told the mag about life with her ideal partner, "Watch Bollywood movies with me!"  

Of course, Monica already has a special person in her life — dad Raj Vaswani. "I always say that I'm so blessed to have such a non-judgmental dad," she gushed to The Daily Dish in June 2020 about her father. "He will always share his opinion with me, but if I disagree, he'll hear me out and try to see things from my angle." Given her tight bond with Raj, it's no surprise Monica is all about family. "I'm a regular girl who works a full-time job and strives to achieve her goals with my side hustles," she told Brown Girl Magazine. "The dream is to work hard and take care of my family."