Solange Knowles' Son Looks Just Like The Singer

Fans of Knowles family are finding it hard to believe singer Solange Knowles' son is already a teenager!

The A Seat at the Table artist gave birth to Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. in 2004. The teen, who goes by Julez, is Knowles' only child. Knowles welcomed her son with high school sweetheart Daniel Smith at the age of 18, according to PopSugar. The R&B singer has managed to keep her son's life and image at a low profile despite his famous mother and worldwide superstar aunt and uncle, Beyoncé and Jay Z. (Super casual family ties, you know how it is.) 

According to Hollywood Life, the Carters threw their nephew a pandemic-friendly 16th birthday party in 2020 at their $88 million home in Los Angeles. A source told the publication, "Beyoncé has always gone all out for her nephew, since he was born she'd do anything for him. He's her pride and joy as much as her own kids are and she loves to spoil him." 

But what does this young man look like now?

Fans were shocked by how old Julez has gotten

Fans of both Beyoncé and Solange Knowles were shocked to see the When I Get Home singer's son so grown up as pictures surfaced of the eldest Knowles grandchild on social media — and it turns out that Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. looks just like his mama!

According to BET, in a since-deleted Instagram, it was Julez' height and on-the-verge of adulthood looks that went viral. As Knowles' son grows older, it seems her efforts to keep him out of the spotlight may start to fade with her son's Instagram accountBET also reported that Julez posted a photo of Jodie Woods, the younger sister of Jordyn Woods — the influencer, model, and ex-best-friend of Kylie Jenner — writing "U already know wassup witchu 7. I love you forever. F**k everybody else." 

But what do you expect when you are the nephew of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and the child of Solange Knowles? It is only naturally for Julez to find himself in the mix of the teens of Hollywood.