Why 90 Day Fiance Fans Are Skeptical About Yazan's New Girlfriend

Yazan Abu Hurira has kept fans scratching their heads with his romantic life since he first appeared on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. After rocking season two with all the drama surrounding his relationship with Brittany Banks, the couple seemed to end on a good note, with hopes of Yazan coming to America through the K-1 visa process, as noted by Cheat Sheet. He and Brittany's romance, however, hit a rocky road due to their cultural differences and long-distance. Though cameras followed their attempts to make their relationship work, Yazan started hinting at having a new girlfriend once the season wrapped. 

It was in December 2020 when Yazan first told his followers that he was deleting his Facebook account at his girlfriend's request, Screen Rant reported. When asked if the person he was referring to was Brittany, he replied, "may be Brittany, may be no." However, a few weeks later, he decided to identify the new mystery woman by tagging her to a photo of himself on Instagram. The short caption for the post translated to, "I am not adjusting, I am patient," he wrote, before tagging the username @ya_lulu7. Lulu also left a flirty comment that read, "yazoooonie," with heart-eyed emojis. Yazan responded to the social media love with, "I love you so much beby." After a fan replied, "Hmmm, guess you're the fiancé he was telling us about." Yazan's new girlfriend's replied, "Hmmm guess so." Fans, however, still have some questions. 

Is Yazan Abu Hurira's new girlfriend real?

However, after Yazan Abu Hurira identified his new girlfriend on Instagram, 90 Day Fiance fans became skeptical. In December 2020, after referring to Lulu as his fiance online and tagging her to his photos of himself, his followers noticed that Lulu's profile doesn't display any photos of herself, Screen Rant reported. Instead, the profile's avi is an artistic photo of stars hugging the Earth. To make things more suspicious, the profile only uploaded one photo and it's a close-up shot of Yazan. The photo shared was the same one the former TLC star had just posted on his own account.

In addition to only having one photo on her page, Lulu's account only follows a few other accounts with Yazan being one of them. Aside from Yazan announcing Lulu as his new love interest, the two have yet to share any photos of each other nor has Lulu been physically identified. It's these little factors that have fans of the show thinking Yazan is faking having a new girlfriend and might be the one behind the profile. It's possible he just wants to make his ex, Brittany Banks, jealous, or maybe he wants to keep his name in the media for another appearance on 90 Day Fiance.