Inside Natalia Bryant's Ski Accident

Natalia Bryant, the teen daughter of the late Kobe Bryant, suffered a wrist and finger injury after a skiing accident during a family vacation.

According to Us Weekly, Natalia, her mother, model Vanessa Bryant, and her sisters Bianka and Capri, took a vacation to the slopes with singer Ciara and her family for the holidays. This past Christmas marked the Bryant family's first Christmas without dad Kobe and sister Gianna, who tragically died in a helicopter crash along with seven others in January. Vanessa posted a photo to Instagram of the family on Christmas remembering Kobe and Gianna with the caption "Always Together, Never Apart Together Forever In Our Hearts."

Vanessa also took to Instagram to give an update on Natalia's skiing injury, where she wrote it was a "Sprained finger and wrist (tbd until swelling goes down)." She even posted a video of the teen getting her finger examined by a family friend, explaining, "We've known Dustin and his family since Natalia was 5. Natalia and his eldest daughter, Shayna, were in ballet together. [My late daughter] Gigi, and Aly played soccer together."

Vanessa also expressed her gratitude for him writing, "So grateful for good people coming through for us and helping us out when we need them most. Thx for checking on my Nani's pinky finger."

Keeping things light, Vanessa even joked that Natalia's finger injury may be "payback." Here's what she had to say. 

Vanessa Bryant joked the Natalia Bryant's ski injury is payback

Vanessa Bryant, the widow of the late Kobe Bryant, took to her Instagram to not only document a fun family trip to a seeming winter wonderland, but to also fill us in on her daughter Natalia's ski accident. Natalia's mom joked (via Us Weekly) that her daughter's sprained finger and wrist were "payback for making fun of daddy [Kobe Bryant]'s fingers." Vanessa must have been familiar with the procedure because in a video of Natalia (pictured above with Vanessa) getting her finger examined she added, "I was waiting for that Vitti finger pull so I tried to distract her. Thankfully that wasn't necessary."

The California native continued to tease Natalia during her finger examination, telling her "Nobody told you to go skiing. The Latina mom line." It wasn't just skiing that the family took part in; Vanessa also posted a video of her and the teen racing on ice skates, along with other videos of her and her younger daughters sledding.

Despite the injury, the family seemed to still have a great trip with singer Ciara and her husband, NFL player Russell Wilson. Vanessa shared a video on Instagram showing Ciara helping little Bianka Bryant ride a bicycle, captioning it, "Thank you so much for this Christmas vacation Auntie @ciara and Uncle @dangerusswilson Love you guys!!! Thank you so much for being there for us."