The Truth About The Bachelor's Mari Pepin

Matt James' season of The Bachelor is slated to kick off on Jan. 4, 2021. The new season comes hard on the heels of Tayshia Adams' season of The Bachelorette which was as filled with drama and love as we could hope for. We got not one but two proposals from The Bachelorette, with Dale Moss getting down on one knee for Clare Crawley and Zac Clark popping the question to Tayshia.

Rumors are already circulating about Matt's season. Will he conclude his season with a proposal too? Only time will tell. But we do have some juicy details about some of his leading ladies, especially one gal who's making headlines even before the season kicked off: Mari Pepin. Rumor has it, according to Parade, that she makes it to Matt's final six contestants. Where she lands from there is still a mystery, though we have a hunch Reality Steve will be dropping more hints soon enough.

But what's Mari's story? We've got the full scoop here.

Mari has been accused of joining The Bachelor for the wrong reasons

Mari Pepin, whose full name is Mariela, has some major accomplishments prior to joining Matt James on The Bachelor. For starters, she's a beauty queen who won Miss Maryland Teen pageant in 2014, according to TV Over Mind. Then in 2018, she became Miss Maryland USA and competed in the Miss USA pageant in 2019. And if we know anything about the casting for Bachelor Nation, we know they love pageant queens!

Mari is also a graduate of Towson University, having earned a bachelor's degree in communication. Mari has even had screen time prior to The Bachelor. According to her IMDb credits, she had a part in the 2017 film, How to Get Girls.

There are rumors circulating, per TV Over Mind, that Mari got on The Bachelor for the wrong reasons. Instead of looking for love, fans accused her of joining the dating show to get famous. But this is a typical claim people throw around and we'll believe that when we see it. As of this writing though, she does have over 12,000 followers on Instagram, so clearly she is getting a lot of attention for her time on the show.

And as for the big question: does Mari get Matt's final rose? We'll have to tune in and wait.