Married At First Sight: The Special Item That Was Stolen From Woody Randall

Woody and Amani Randall have introduced fans to "The Randall Way" since appearing on Married at First Sight. The Season 11 couple were matched by the experts in the city of New Orleans and put to the test after eloping the day they met. While Woody aimed to put his party-boy past behind him, Amani struggled to let her guard down with her new husband, Soap Dirt reported. 

Woody expressed his interest in Amani from the start. After suggesting the new couple make a "honeymoon baby," he also was the first one to say "I love you" to his new wife while she showed reluctance to move past the "strong like" she had for Woody. 

However, in the end, the two became one of a few MAFS couples who decided to stay married on Decision Day. The pair brought the experts to tears with their emotional speeches about the love they developed for each other. Though the two had one of the more enjoyable experiences on the televised marriage experiment, there was one thing Woody lost that upset his wife a great deal. 

Amani and Woody Randall will "sic them bears" on the thieves

In December 2020, Amani Randall called out the thieves who stole Woody Randall's personalized license plate, Soap Dirt reported. The plate read "BAT 1 Gotham City" and "Alumni Baylor University." The plate matched perfectly with the Batman costume Woody sported while posing alongside his BMW. But, somehow someway, Woody's license plate went missing and Amani took to her Instagram Story to address the culprits. 

"And I know y'all didn't graduate from Baylor so bring it back right now before he sic them bears on y'all," her caption read. It included a bear and laughing face emoji symbolizing the joke behind the social media threat. According to Soap Dirt, Amani was so upset about the robbery, she developed hiccups as a result. While it was never confirmed if Woody got his personalized plate back, Amani's attempts to have it returned show how solid their union remains after getting married on MAFS