The Truth About The Bachelor's Kit Keenan

The Bachelor viewers "met" many women on the first night of Matt James' season, including Kit Keenan, who kept calling herself a "CEO," which seemed pretty far-fetched since she's 21-years old, according to her cast member bio, making her the youngest person in the cast. However, she thinks that "most guys she meets don't match her maturity level." Similar to Bennett Jordan and Taylor Nolan, emotional intelligence is a priority for Kit.

Her occupation is listed as "fashion entrepreneur," and she currently lives in New York City with her parents during her final year of undergraduate studies at New York University. Conveniently, Matt, a North Carolina native, currently resides in the Big Apple as well, per his ABC bio. If she receives his final rose, they wouldn't have to worry about long-distance dating or uprooting their current routines... as long as Matt doesn't wear flip-flops, which would make Kit "mad," according to her bio.

Despite her "young" age, Kit has a very full life, overflowing with accomplishments, personal interests, and fun facts. Keep on reading for all of the details!

Kit Keenan has a famous mom

The Bachelor isn't the first time that Kit Keenan has been exposed to the limelight. Her mom is well-known fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, per the New York Post. No wonder Chris Harrison said Kit is "easily the best dressed" on the show. He also revealed that she shipped "boxes and boxes" of clothes to the resort where they filmed the season. But, were the clothes from the Cynthia Rowley brand? Most likely.

In addition to wearing clothes designed by her mom, Kit collaborates with her mom to host a podcast called Ageless. In April 2020, Kit told Her Campus, "We discuss the concept of agelessness in life and career through the lens of our own mother-daughter relationship." Although some people have issues taking advice from a parent, Kit told Town & Country that her mother offered these wise words of advice: "Be original, be curious, be kind, be thankful, and there's no substitute for hard work."

However, their relationship isn't all business. In 2019, the pair told POPSUGAR that they surf together every summer. In her Bachelor bio, Kit claims that she can "surf in high heels," but it's unclear whether her mom does that as well.

Kit Keenan has her own brand

In 2016, Kit Keenan told Guest of Guest, "I have thought about working in the fashion industry, that opportunity is still enticing for me, but I would like to do something a little bit different." Just a couple of years later, it's clear that Kit changed her mind about that one, following in her mom Cynthia Rowley's footsteps after all. However, she's put her own spin on things with her clothing brand KIT. During the season premiere of Matt James' Bachelor season, Kit said her name is an acronym for "keep in touch," but she told Town & Country that her fashion line actually stands for "Keep It Together."

Although it may seem like she got into fashion because of her mom, Kit always had a knack for business, revealing that she set up a $2 nail salon on the playground when she was 10. She told Town & Country, "When I was 14, I started my first eBay profile and I would sell reconstructed vintage Levi's and T-shirts." By the time she got to college, she shifted gears to design, which has worked out so far. Life & Style reports that both Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Moss have rocked Kit's designs.

Kit Keenan wants to connect with her followers

In 2020, Kit Keenan told Her Campus, "My DMs are always open," explaining that the coronavirus pandemic is "a really tough time for many of us." She shared, "I am here for you. Please reach out if you want to just chat or need a shoulder to virtually cry on." In addition to wearing clothes from her line and her mom's, Kit uses social media to share health and wellness tips, including workouts that can be easily done at home. 

Speaking to Her Campus, Kit reflected, "About a year ago, I began to really think about my purpose online. While posting photos of myself was a great way to receive personal validation, I realized I wasn't building towards anything or connecting with my followers in any meaningful way." Now, she makes it a point to share health, fitness, and wellness tips with her followers, which she will probably gain even more of as this season of The Bachelor progresses.

Kit Keenan has a look-alike from 'The Queen's Gambit'

For anyone who thinks Kit Keenan looks familiar beyond her Cynthia Rowley connection, it might be because she's a dead ringer Anya Taylor-Joy, who played Beth Harmon in the Netflix series The Queen's Gambit. Kit acknowledged the resemblance when she posted a photo of herself posing next to a chessboard on Instagram, joking, "check mate officially adding @anyataylorjoy impersonator to my resume." If only she brought out the chess game like Serena Pitt did for Matt James on night one of his The Bachelor season, per The Ringer. That would have been perfect. 

When it comes down to it, Kit is more than just someone's daughter or someone else's doppelgänger. Hopefully, she will stick around on The Bachelor long enough for the fans to get to know her. If not, there's always Bachelor in Paradise.... and Instagram, of course.