Bachelor Contestant Kit Keenan Has A Famous Mom

Bachelor fans were pumped when ABC announced the batch of contestants who could be competing for Matt James' heart on Season 25 of the hit reality show. Especially because one of the ladies has a famous mom, as per People.

Kit Keenan was actually already a familiar face in the entertainment world because her mom is New York fashion designer Cynthia Rowley. Cynthia's global lifestyle brand is best known for its "signature pretty-meets-sporty assortment," from ready-to-wear to swimwear and fitness pieces, and was even "deemed a pioneer of surf-leisure by Vogue," according to the fashion company's websiteTherefore, it's clear that Kit is no stranger to the spotlight — and she also knows a thing or two about fashion. 

People reports that Kit and her famous fashionista mom have worked together on a few projects, too. The mother-daughter duo co-host a podcast together called Ageless, where they discuss everything from motherhood to beauty to, of course, fashion. 

Along with the podcast, Kit appears to take after her mother's designer expertise, with her own self-titled clothing line, KIT. She's also quite the social media influencer when it comes to her Instagram account.

Kit Keenan's casting added more hype to The Bachelor's 25th season

It's not surprising that Kit Keenan's casting made headlines ahead of The Bachelor's 25th season — because everyone was buzzing about the franchise in 2020. Not only did both The Bachelorette and The Bachelor have to deal with COVID-19 delays and new regulations, like having to film in totally quarantined locations, but the long-running hit reality series was also in the news because they finally cast a Black male as the lead

Matt James was cast in June 2020, and following the big announcement, Bachelor Nation was hyped for his season. So, naturally, when the series revealed the women who would be starring on Matt's season, everyone stopped what they were doing to check out his contestants. And while the group of 43 ladies all looked like they had potential, Kit's high-class profile definitely stood out the most. After all, if you've been featured in Vanity Fair AND have a famous fashion designer as your mom, we think you'd attract a lot of attention, too. 

Kit Keenan came into the spotlight at a young age

So what else should Bachelor fanatics know about Season 25's Kit Keenan? As previously mentioned, the show is far from Kit's first moment in the spotlight. In 2016, the "Insta-Famous" contestant was even profiled in Vanity Fair. At the time, Kit had just appeared in her mom Cynthia Rowley's short film "Shredding in Heels" (in which the then-17-year-old was portrayed surfing while wearing heels) and was subsequently interviewed by the magazine. Clearly, there was something about Kit that was memorable even then. 

The outlet described her look as "streetwear-meets-celluloid star style ... like the heroine Wes Anderson will think of next." Keenan told VF, "I don't follow, like, trends, or look to other popular designers or anything to see what's going on." At the time, Kit was eying film school and had just completed an internship for a Gun Safety nonprofit, studying "the effects of open-carry laws on women on college campuses," as Vanity Fair reportedImpressive! 

What's also pretty cool? Kit's mom, Cynthia Rowley, isn't her only successful family member. Per People, her father is a noteworthy interior designer, Bill Keenan. Clearly, creativity runs in the family.

Kit Keenan was the youngest contestant of the season

Another fascinating fact about Kit Keenan? Since the influencer was just 21 years old when she joined The Bachelor's 25th season, she was the youngest of that year's contestants. And the internet definitely kept their eye on her as things progressed. 

"OMG WHAT IS KIT KEENAN DOING ON THE BACHELOR," one Twitter user wrote. When another user asked just who that was, the user replied, "Google her mom." Other internet folks were quick to throw some sass Kit Keenan's way since being cast. Speaking on the contestant's odds at finding love with then-28-year-old Matt James, one person wrote, "as a fellow 21 year old girl, i promise u, she doesnt wanna marry him, she wants the clout LMAOOOO." But Kit, who is, "keen" on fitness, seems very organized for her age. "Having a routine that is maintainable ... Flexibility is key," she told Forbes on her fitness-embracing lifestyle. "I love setting my workouts based on how my body feels. Some days that's an hour long HIIT workout, others it's a long walk listening to my favorite podcast." 

Though Kit Keenan ultimately didn't win Matt James' heart on The Bachelor, she clearly still has an impressive journey ahead of her!