The Truth About The Bachelor's Sarah Trott

This season of The Bachelor is already heating up, and although we just met some of the women competing for Matt James' heart, some fans already have their favorite contestants. One contestant who is getting a lot of attention because of her resemblance to a beloved TV show character (more on that later) is Sarah Trott.

According to her Bachelorette bio, the 24-year-old is a broadcast journalist and is looking for a man who is into fitness and a healthy lifestyle. After two failed serious relationships, Sarah is searching for the other half of the power couple she dreams to be in with someone who has a strong commitment to their faith. Power couple may seem like a reach, but maybe not for a woman who says Oprah Winfrey is her personal superhero and who is also a trained fire dancer! 

Matt may be the one choosing who he gives a rose to, but can he keep up with Sarah? This model is more than just a pretty face. She seems to have a pretty impressive resume and a big heart! 

Fans think Sarah Trott looks like Schitt's Creek's Alexis Rose

First things first. Fans of The Bachelor have been buzzing over contestant Sarah Trott's look ever since she appeared on TV. That may be because the beauty looks very similar to actor Annie Murphy who plays the lovable Alexis Rose from the fan-favorite TV show Schitt's Creek.

And for some fans, that's enough to get her in their favor. One fan tweeted, "Alright I get major Annie Murphy (Alexis Rose) vibes when I see Sarah, which gets her major bonus points in my book." A fan account for The Bachelor even joked, "We're not saying Sarah and Alexis Rose are the same person, we're just saying we've never seen Sarah and Alexis in the same room before..." Another fan account also tweeted, "Sarah is going to remind me of Alexis Rose every single time she's on my screen The Bachelor."

Let's hope The Bachelor himself, Matt James, is a fan of Schitt's Creek!

Sarah Trott quit her job to take care of her ailing father

Sarah Trott opened up on her website about a difficult time in her life when she quit her dream job in TV news. The Bachelor contestant revealed that she made that tough decision to become a full-time caregiver for her father, who was fighting ALS Lou Gehrig's Disease. 

Although it is an admirable thing to do, according to Sarah's bachelorette biography, it's no surprise considering she is very close with her family. In fact, it's her parents' loving and loyal relationship that she hopes to emulate one day with hopefully Matt James. The TV anchor/reporter also revealed that during this transition in her life, her job felt like her "biggest dream and end goal." She added, "I couldn't find many obvious resources or people my age who could relate to the issues I was going through."

This inspired Sarah to use her journalism skills but this time in a way that is for "empowering and uniting women."

Sarah Trott created an empowering blog and podcast

Sarah Trott is not only competing for a shot at a relationship with Matt James on The Bachelor, but she's also inspiring other women on her blog and podcast both titled, From Here to Where.

According to Sarah's website, the goal is to "change the narrative for perfection and bring strong girls together through the tough sh*t we go through in this defining decade." Her blog and podcast focus on anything from finances to mental health to relationships to career uncertainty. Basically, any hardships that women could be struggling with. She hopes the network she creates can provide some useful advice and support. 

Sarah wrote that she wants to be "honest about my personal hardships and share those of inspiring, successful women to comfort and connect with others." Sarah may be competing with several other women on reality TV, but it sounds like she's more interested in bringing people together!

Sarah Trott catches very strong feelings for Matt early on

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison has some interesting tidbits to offer about Sarah Trott, including that "she hits it off really well with Matt right away." Harrison doesn't hold back when continuing to discuss their connection, saying that "she catches very strong feelings early."

But the host added that this may not necessarily be good for her chances of ending up with The Bachelor Matt James. He explained, "Those who get that early attention, those who have that really initial bright spark, it's hard to continue that because obviously the bachelor or bachelorette then has to go elsewhere. They have to compartmentalize these relationships. And that makes it really tough when you have that initial burst of energy."

We guess we'll have to watch and see whether Matt shares those strong feelings with Sarah in the end! If anything, Schitt's Creek fans are rooting for her!