Prince Harry Introduces Meghan Markle To Prince William

It's getting really serious between Prince Harry and Suits (2011-) star Meghan Markle: reports say he's introduced her to his big brother, Prince William, and is even hiring protection for her around the clock.

"William met Meghan," a source told Us Weekly. "They got on fabulously. I'm sure Harry had been looking forward to introducing his girlfriend." Another insider added, "Naturally, William is very happy for his brother."

A source told the Mirror, "She's trying to figure out how to scale back what she puts out there about her life, including her social media and her website. If she had to leave all that she's doing in order for the relationship to work, she would without hesitation.It's been an absolute fairy tale for's a very serious relationship and she wants a future with Harry."

Harry, 31, is so smitten with Markle, 35, that he's reportedly hiring personal security to keep her safe. "There have been initial discussions about this matter," an insider told the The London Evening Standard. "HRH has made it clear that he believes Miss Markle's personal safety is paramount and that the behavior of some elements of the media and press has been grossly unacceptable. But in the end it comes down to a matter of cost, who is paying for what. Protecting the Royal Family is a hugely expensive business."

As Nicki Swift previously reported, Prince Harry sent out an unprecedented press release begging the media and social media trolls to leave Markle and her loved ones alone, but it may not be enough.

The late Princess Diana's former personal protection officer, Inspector Ken Wharfe, told The London Evening Standard, "It is extremely unlikely that Scotland Yard would fund protection for Miss Markle at this stage. In America and Canada where she lives she is well used to the attention she gets as a star actress, but nothing can prepare a person, even a Hollywood actor, for the attention they get once they are associated seriously with or a member of the British Royal Family, especially if you are in the sights of the paparazzi and the tabloid press." He added, "The bottom line is if it is believed that Miss Markle is a serious contender to be Prince Harry's bride then of course the reporters and photographers of the press will do their job. That is fair enough. But in this day and age it does leave her a little exposed. Should, however, Prince Harry fund a retired, and therefore unarmed, ex-S014 officer to accompany her whilst in the UK, I think it would be a sensible move. The expertise in dealing with situations and associations with existing officers in the department and appreciation of our policing systems could prove timely, and yes, crucial."