The Real Reason Ben Affleck And Ana De Armas Split

Just as we were getting used to the idea of Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas dating, they went ahead and split up. Affleck and de Armas first connected while filming Deep Water, according to People, and first sparked rumors of a romantic connection when they were spotted in March 2020 while vacationing in Cuba, where de Armas was born. Following this, paparazzi had a blast spotting the duo in unexpected places like Costa Rica.

Things got serious when de Armas spent Memorial Day in May 2020 with Affleck and his children, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, according to Us Weekly. Affleck shares his children with his former wife, Jennifer Garner, so it's a big deal that de Armas hung out with Affleck and his kids.

The couple was spotted in November 2020 in New Orleans, where they were finalizing takes on their film Deep Water, according to Us Weekly, and they were seen kissing and laughing. But news has broken that they've split. So what happened?

Ana De Armas reportedly didn't want to live in Los Angeles

After less than a year together, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas called it quits in January 2021, according to People. So why did they go their separate ways? "Ben is no longer dating Ana," a source told the outlet. "She broke it off. Their relationship was complicated. Ana doesn't want to be Los Angeles-based and Ben obviously has to since his kids live in Los Angeles."

Was it a rough split? Not at all, according to the outlet. "This is something that was mutual and something that is completely amicable," another source told People. "They are in different points in their lives; there is deep love and respect there. Ben continues to want to work on himself. He has three jobs lined up and he's a solid father at home. They are both happy with where they are in their lives."

Us Weekly also stressed that it was de Armas who decided to split with Affleck. While it must be a tough moment for the pair, it's a relief that the split was on good terms.