Strange Things About Ben Affleck And Ana De Armas' Relationship

What's going on here? Ben Affleck, who has always been so camera-shy, is suddenly all over social media, smiling for photographers with his new girlfriend, Ana De Armas. Where's our grumpy dad of Hollywood? Something is definitely different here.

Even during lockdown with the world in isolation, the new couple seems to be more active and public than ever, and there are photos to prove it! But shouldn't they be at home?

We don't want to sound super jaded or cynical, but the budding relationship seems to have happened really quickly and is conveniently public, considering they have a new movie, Deep Water, coming out in November 2020, according to IMDb. With this in mind, there are some sources that speculate the sudden closeness between the two is nothing more than a PR stunt. Others are finding some of their habits just plain odd. Keep reading to find out what's strange about this new relationship.

Ana De Armas was warned to stay away from Ben Affleck

For starters, Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas have a pretty substantial age-difference. While this isn't necessarily anything new for Hollywood, Affleck is about 15 years older than De Armas. The age gap is all the more evident because De Armas celebrated her 32nd birthday with 47-year-old Affleck in a highly-documented event in April 2020.

De Armas shared a series of birthday photos to Instagram, and while the pics are super cute and festive, all those photos seem really unlike the "Not my Batman" star we've come to know. De Armas shared photos of herself with Affleck out in the desert, snapping selfies in some very cuddly poses, and Affleck looked totally into it. There's a cute photo of her blowing out her candles and another one of her climbing some rocks, so we can only assume Affleck played the part of the birthday photographer. Nice. Cool ... except not everyone was buying it.

One person commented on Instagram: "This is bulls**t." Meanwhile, someone else wrote in an ominous message: "Stay away from Affleck!"

Are Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas begging for attention?

As Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas embark on a new relationship, many of us can't help but wonder if there's something shady going on. According to Cosmopolitan, their romance is "all very sudden and public." The outlet adds that Affleck and De Armas "basically cannot stop being photographed together by paparazzi, to the point where some Instagram lurkers think their relationship is a PR stunt (even though they just went Insta official)."

As Cosmopolitan reports, the couple has been snapped by paparazzi all over the place. TMZ got enough footage of the pair's March 2020 jaunt to Costa Rica to make a video. The outlet noted that Affleck had his arm around her the whole time, and De Armas later shared photos from the trip on Instagram. Our major takeaway from those pics is that Affleck better not quit his day job because the photos are blurry — or maybe that's just the blur of this whirlwind love story.

After their return from vacation, the Deep Water co-stars were photographed in Los Angeles getting coffee, per Cosmo. Hello? Quarantine! Why are they out in public so much?

Ben Affleck apparently wants Ana De Armas to meet his kids

Further proof that things are rapidly escalating between the couple: Ben Affleck supposedly asked his ex, actress Jennifer Garner, if Ana De Armas could meet their three kids. However, according to Us WeeklyGarner said it was too soon.

To put all this in perspective, production started on Deep Water in November 2019, according to CosmopolitanPeople confirmed a relationship between co-stars Affleck and De Armas in March 2020, so it really hasn't been that long. Us Weekly claims that Affleck was understanding of Garner's wish to hold off a little longer before De Armas meets their kiddos.

Just because Garner supposedly shot the idea down, don't go assuming that Affleck's ex is upset or jealous about Affleck's relationship. According to Us Weekly, Garner considers Affleck a friend and a good father to their children. A source insisted that Garner "is happy in her own life and supportive of him and happy for him and his relationship."

Ben Affleck reportedly wants more kids — with Ana De Armas

Not only is Ben Affleck's girlfriend Ana De Armas interested in meeting his children eventually, but the actress may have her own kids with him someday. If Affleck's plans fall into place, that is. According to an early April 2020 report from Us Weekly, a source claimed, "Ben loves children and loves being a dad. He would love to have kids with her one day."

While it's normal for couples to have children together, what's strange here is it all feels a little fast. After all, De Armas hasn't even gotten Jennifer Garner's permission to meet her and Affleck's three kids yet. Integrating De Armas into the pre-existing family feels like a key first step before further expanding it. Sure, it sounds like having more kids is just a thought for now, but that's like three steps ahead from where they're at right now.

Maybe there's a chance that this is all for real between Affleck and De Armas, or maybe the whole thing is a big publicity stunt to promote Deep Water. Whatever the case, their relationship is accelerating at the speed of light, and we are racing to keep up.