Why People Are Saying The Women On The Bachelor Finally Went Too Far

Matt James' season of The Bachelor has been action-packed, a feat that's doubly impressive considering the entire crew is stuck at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania to adhere to coronavirus regulations. Despite the lack of international travel, Matt's season is still plenty eventful.

The season kicked off with tons of drama from Victoria Larson, aka Queen Victoria, who was carried in on a ceremonial throne by four strapping men. Hey, girlfriend knows how to make an entrance. Despite all of the online memes about Bachelor producers forcing Matt to keep Victoria, Matt himself admitted that he appreciated her fun spirit, especially during the first night when nerves ran high.

While Victoria was the villain for the first few episodes, the baton was unexpectedly passed to Sarah Trott (who looks just like Alexis Rose from Schitt's Creek, btw). The former broadcast journalist got one of the earliest one-on-one dates of the season, solidifying her connection with Matt, according to Entertainment Tonight. Later, she was struggling as she watched Matt connect with the other women and snuck in on a group date that she wasn't on to briefly speak with Matt.

So this was the big "crime" committed. Annoying? Maybe. But did it warrant the intense backlash Sarah received from the rest of her cast? Nope. Here's what went down.

People are calling the Bachelor group 'mean' after the way they treated Sarah

After Sarah Trott snuck in on a group date that she wasn't invited to, the rest of the contestants were super angry with her. Anna Redman said of Sarah, "She is taking time from other women. You wronged us. Come downstairs and face the mess you made," (via The Hollywood Life.) Victoria Larson called her "calculated" while Kit Keenan said to Sarah, "I hope your connection with Matt is very strong because the rest of your living situation [here] is going to be very horrible." Yikes! 

To be fair, this didn't come from every woman — Katie Thurston reached out to help Sarah. Kudos to you, Katie! It's worth pointing out too that some of the drama could have been edited by producers to add to the hype, but seriously gals, what season of The Bachelor or Bachelorette doesn't have people jumping in on group dates?! This is pretty standard.

On top of this, Sarah's father has been battling ALS and she admitted on the show that she's been struggling with the desire to be home with him, per Entertainment Tonightand she wound up leaving. 

Twitter had some thoughts. One person tweeted: "You want Sarah to come out of her room but all you do is make fun of her and single her out?!" Someone else tweeted, "The way those women treated Sarah tonight was just MEAN. Idc what Sarah did no one deserves to be ganged up on like that." Honestly, we have to agree.