The Bachelor Dropped A First Look At Matt James' New Season

Clutch your pearls and buckle up because ABC dropped a trailer for Matt James' season of The Bachelor. The teaser clip aired on The Bachelor's Twitter account on Nov. 18, 2020, and holy heck, does it look like an eventful season.

The teaser plays Salt-N-Pepa's "Whatta Man" as Matt meets his leading ladies, complete with hot tub smooching scenes, limo arrivals, and a shower of rose petals. It's everything we've asked for and more. In one shot, a woman gets out of the limo and trips on the stairs, with Matt catching her (swoon), so Chris Harrison lands an A+ dad joke by saying, "The women are literally falling for you."

But Chris Harrison's comedic skills aren't the only thing we see here. In fact, Matt drops the major information that he's never been in love! Harrison responds, "My job is to change that." Does Matt find love? We sure hope so. Here are the wild details we know so far about the 25th season of The Bachelor, which is slated to premiere Jan. 4, 2021.

Matt James' season also had to be quarantined

Much like The Bachelorette's 2020 season, featuring first Clare Crawley and then Tayshia Adams, Matt James' season had to follow strict protocols due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to People, filming for Matt's season kicked off in September 2020 at a resort in Pennsylvania, which was completely rented out by the crew and cast of The Bachelor. Everyone went through a two-week quarantine upon arrival and the entire cast remained sequestered at the resort throughout the season.

Matt is also making headlines as the first Black male lead on the ABC show. In fact, according to Us Weekly, Matt was initially slated to be one of the contestants in Clare Crawley's Bachelorette season but was pulled to be the lead for Season 25 of The Bachelor instead.

According to People, production on Matt's season is expected to be completed by late November 2020. Now we just need to find Matt's BFF, Tyler Cameron, and tickle him until he gives up some spoilers.