Who Is Jessey Lee From Bling Empire And How Rich Is He?

Netflix's Bling Empire is everything fans didn't know they needed. The reality show brings the phenomenon of Crazy Rich Asians to life, showcasing real people who live in Los Angeles and who aren't shy about dropping some major coin on, well, pretty much anything.

The reality show, which is narrated by cast member and model Kevin Kreider, follows the storylines of several friends. He's supposed to be the "average" person of the series. (Because the "average" person has abs like his... we wish!) Also, Kevin has a way higher net worth than we were expecting! There's also Anna Shay, the matriarch and without a doubt the wealthiest of the crew, who got rich in a shocking way. Anna's frenemy is Christine Chiu, who is married to Dr. Gabriel Chiu. The pair have a son, "Baby G."

But wait, there's another couple on the show who caught our attention in a major way: Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee. Cherie gave birth to their second child, a boy named Jevon, during the series, so viewers got to watch them celebrate a new addition to their family. So who is Jessey, and what is he worth? Let's take a look.

Jessey and Cherie's combined net worth is huge

A big part of the storyline on Bling Empire is Jessey Lee and Cherie Chan's relationship. They have two children but aren't married, something that was tough for Cherie because of her "hardcore Chinese values," according to the Daily Mail. The season ended (spoiler alert!) with Cherie taking matters into her own hands and proposing to Jessey. He said yes, of course.

So how did they get access to this glam life? Cherie is the heir to a denim fortune, according to The Tab, so she's coming into the relationship with some of her own money. Also, she had once signed with Sony Music Japan, but her mother was not into the idea of her daughter being a pop star, according to the Daily Mail.

What about Jessey? In terms of his ventures, the Daily Mail says that he "is being groomed to run his family's furniture empire." He's not hugely active on social media, but he does have Instagram, where he posts cute pics of himself with Cherie. So what does that leave them in terms of wealth? According to the Daily Mail, he and Cherie have a combined fortune of $200 million. No wonder it's bling all the way for these two!