People Are Loving This Biden-Obama Moment At The Inauguration

One of the most highly anticipated moments of the 2021 inauguration was undoubtedly the reunion between Joe Biden and Barack Obama. Biden, who served as Obama's vice president for eight years, maintains a very close friendship with the former president.

Over the years, their friendship has been the subject of numerous articles, fan accounts, and memes. In 2019, The Washington Post described their relationship as "poignant but complicated." You might remember the ease with which Obama supported Hillary Clinton as his would-be successor in 2016, despite long-standing rumors that Biden wanted to run.

In truth, friendships are complicated, especially those between top banana and second, which would best describe the power dynamic between Obama and Biden. Still, there were moments of genuine friendship and respect that seemed to shine through the more complicated dynamic shared by the men, like when Biden was brought to tears by Obama, surprising him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2017

Who wants to focus on anything complicated, though? No one, which is precisely why this sweet moment between the former president and the incoming president stole the country's collective heart on Inauguration Day. Here's what went down. 

People loved seeing Biden and Obama together again

It is tradition that every living president attends the inauguration of the new president every four years. Donald Trump broke with tradition by choosing to instead return to Florida in the early hours of January 21. All the other presidents, except for Jimmy Carter, who is 96, were in attendance, including Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, per CBS.

Despite the break with tradition, the inauguration of Joe Biden was a joyous day for many. To greet his former VP and the soon-to-be president, Obama and Biden shared a very cool fist bump, and Twitter went wild. "here for the Obama-Biden fist bump," wrote one user. "I saw that epic fist bump heard around the world. You've always have [sic] my respect Mr President," wrote another

For some though, the fist bump was less a cute little "bromance" moment and more of a symbol of the end of a tumultuous four years. "I started tearing up when Biden saw Obama and gave him a point and wink, then a fist bump," one emotional person tweeted. "Not gonna lie: the Obama-Biden fist bump made me tear up a bit[.] I am so happy to see JOY back in the White House," tweeted another. Four years later, the Obama-Biden friendship is still moving people all over the country.