The Tragic Death Of Baby CEO

On Jan. 20, 2021, NBC's WMC Actions News (via New York Post) reported that 20-year-old Johnathan Brown, professionally known as Big CEO (previously known as Baby CEO), died on the night of Jan. 19 in Frayser, Tenn. The cause of his death has yet to be determined as of this writing. 

According to the outlet, the news of Brown's death was first confirmed by the hip-hop news Twitter account, My Mixtapez. The tweet featured a photo of the young rapper from his teen years with the caption, "Memphis rapper Baby CEO has reportedly passed away. Rest In Peace." Although many people might not have heard of Baby CEO, he was highly respected in local media outlets and likened to be the protégé of Chicago rapper Fredo Santana of Savage Squad Records. He first got a taste of fame at 14, when he released controversial music videos.

So how have fans responded to the news? Here's what Baby CEO's supporters had to say.

Fans mourn the death of Baby CEO

Despite the controversial nature of his music, Baby/Big CEO (Jonathan Brown) had a major following. In 2015 J.R. Futrell, a youth mentor at Young Men University in Memphis, Tenn., told WMC Action News 2015, "It's a product of reap and sow, and we've sown things into our children's lives. They live in a world that they did not choose and here we are with the results." 

Many fans took to their social media accounts to honor and mourn the deceased star — most changing their Twitter names to "Big CEO" and his previous moniker, "Baby CEO." Brown's brother, known by the Twitter name @ceobudgang, tweeted, "My Lil Brother Was a Legend Out Here Keep His Name Alive." One fan responded to the tweet, "That's seriously awful I don't know what's up this past couple years with young black talent getting they lifes taken away. Prayers for you guys, RIP Baby Ceo." Someone else said, "Damn man wtf :( ((( prayers to you and yours."

Clearly, Baby CEO will be missed by many.