You'll Barely Recognize Madison 'Tootie' Berg From Toddlers And Tiaras Now

The reality show Toddlers and Tiaras followed the lives of bite-size child pageant contestants, and gained a large following. More than 10 years after the show's cancellation, a spinoff was created by Discovery+, which allows fans to catch up with their favorite cast members now that they are all grown up. The three-part series, Toddlers and Tiaras: Where Are They Now, gives updates on fan-favorite pageant contestants such as Eden Wood and her mom Mickie, Ava Perez and her dad David, and Madison "Tootie" Berg and her mom Stacy.

Viewers remember Madison, who adopted the nickname "Tootie" while competing in pageants, as a tiny diva whose mother catered to her every whim, as per The Futon Critic. The Mississippi native continued entering pageants after leaving the show, but she developed a love-hate relationship with competing.

In 2018, Madison opened up about her tumultuous journey following her appearance on Toddlers and Tiaras in a revealing account to The Sun. She mentioned the "impossibly high standards" created by participating in the pageant world. Madison was mercilessly bullied at school after the show aired, and ultimately begged her mother to leave the hit program. Even after leaving the reality show, the bullying continued for not only young Madison — but for her mother as well, as fans online accused Stacy of exploiting her daughter, as per the outlet.

Madison Berg is still close with her mother

Madison Berg detailed to The Sun how she continued participating in pageants even after leaving the show and encountered intense bullying. After weekends where she entered pageants, Madison would go into the tub and try desperately to "scrub off [her] fake tan" to avoid being mocked by schoolmates.

By the time she was 16, Madison was on a strict diet as her world revolved around pageants. In 2017, she entered the Miss Teen United States. "Toned and tanned to perfection, I was determined to take home the crown of Miss Teen United States," she told the publication, "But as I stood half-naked in a bikini, my stomach flipped." That ended up being Madison's last pageant.

Later, as per her YouTube channel, Madison enrolled at Belhaven University which is a private Christian school in Jackson, Miss., where she studied education. One thing that remained constant for the former pageant queen was her close relationship with her mother. Madison's Instagram page is filled with photos of cheerleading, snaps with her adorable dog, shots with her boyfriend, and heartwarming pics alongside her mom. "Anyone who follows me on social media or has seen my past YouTube videos, y'all know my mom is always there ... my momma is my sidekick," she said in a 2018 YouTube video.