The Real Reason Judge Jeanine Pirro Divorced Albert J. Pirro

High-powered real estate lawyer Albert J. Pirro was thrust into the national spotlight at the end of Donald Trump's presidency as one of many people the 45th president pardoned at the end of his term. The lawyer had represented Trump in the past and is the ex-husband of Judge Jeanine Pirro, who had a show on Fox News and is a friend of Trump's.

In 2000, Albert was convicted of federal tax fraud and ended up serving 11 months in prison. Jeanine stayed with her husband throughout the case and sentence, but the couple made headlines several years later for their tumultuous relationship.

As per the New York Post, rumors began to circulate in 2006 that Albert was spotted out with Lisa Santangelo, a woman 20 years younger than his wife. Santangelo lived with her husband, Michael Santangelo, in the same town as the Pirros, and Michael was the lawyer who represented Albert during his 2000 court case.

During an interview with New York Magazine in 2006, Albert was asked about his relationship with Lisa. "There's no harm in having a female friend. I think there's a difference between being charming and holding yourself out as being available," he told the publication. Albert also mentioned in that same interview that he was not getting enough attention at home from his wife. This revealing interview left Jeanine publicly embarrassed.

Jeanine Pirro went to extreme lengths to catch her husband cheating

Jeanine Pirro not only dealt with Albert J. Pirro's alleged affair, but she had to deal with the fact that he fathered an illegitimate child earlier in their marriage, as per the New York Post. Amidst all this turmoil, Jeanine decided to stay with her husband. Appearing on the Sean Hannity radio show (via New York Post) she said, "I have fought very hard to keep my marriage together. I believe my kids need a father and he's a great father."

Around the time that news started to spread about Albert's extramarital affairs, Jeanine came under scrutiny for plotting to expose her husband. At the same time that she was running for New York Attorney General in 2006, news broke that the judge wanted to wiretap her husband's boat.

Officials were investigating former New York City police commissioner Bernie Kerik for an unrelated matter and had recorded a conversation between him and Jeanine where she discussed bugging Albert's boat in hopes of catching him being unfaithful. "Sometime last year, I came to believe that my husband was seeing another woman. I was angry and had him followed to see if what I suspected was true," she said in a statement (via CBS News). Although planting a bug was discussed, Jeanine denied ever actually setting one up. 

Following the public debacles, the Pirro's separated in 2007 but were not officially divorced until 2013, and they subsequently listed their $4.75 million mansion for sale in 2016.