Kanye West Comes Out As A Donald Trump Supporter

It's official: Kanye West supports Donald Trump...but couldn't be bothered to do so at the ballot box.

At a concert in San Jose, Calif., on Nov. 17, 2016, West told the audience (via BuzzFeed), "I said something that was kind of politically correct. I told y'all I didn't vote, right? But I didn't tell you—I guess I told you—but if I would've voted, I would've voted on Trump."

He added, "That don't mean that I don't think that black lives matter, that don't mean that I don't think that I don't believe in women's rights...because that was the guy I would've voted for." He continued, "This world is racist, okay? Let's stop being distracted to focus on that as much. It's just a f**king fact. We are in a racist country, period. Do not allow people to make us talk about that so f**king long. Let's talk about whatever the f**k we wanna talk about."

In March 2016, a source told Page Six, "[West is] not going to vote for Trump but he supports him," though another source claimed at the time that his support for the now-president-elect was "totally untrue." To be fair, the second source had reason to be skeptical: though West supported Trump, his wife, Kim Kardashian, was a proud supporter of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. West also reportedly donated $2,700 to Hillary for America in July 2015, and previously shelled out $15,000 to the Democratic National Committee in October 2014.

Yeezy is the latest star to admit to endorsing Trump. On Nov. 17, 2016, Paris Hilton—Kardashian's frenemy—told an Australian talk show she voted for Trump, her longtime family friend.