Who Is The Richest Former Bachelor?

The Bachelor is one of the most iconic reality shows of all time. From eccentric contestants to elaborate dates, the series is packed with entertainment and oh so much drama. 

With 25 seasons under its belt, The Bachelor has also proven its ability to withstand the test of time. Currently, fans' hearts are melting over Matt James, but he certainly isn't the first bachelor to try to find love on the show. After nearly two decades of the show's run, fans have seen a variety of men try to find "the one" — and naturally, people are curious about the bachelors' lives outside of the show. Though we get a decent glimpse into the men's dating history, careers, and hobbies by watching the show, there are still some lingering questions. 

One of the biggest questions, especially relevant after seeing some of the expensive dates and gifts on the show, is who the richest Bachelor is — and the answer may surprise you. 

The richest Bachelor is the son of a prince

As it turns out, the richest former Bachelor has quite a few impressive specs. You may remember Lorenzo Borghese from season nine of The Bachelor, where he did not end marrying (or proposing to, for that matter) the winner, Jennifer Wilson. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Borghese is worth a whopping $50 million, easily making him the richest Bachelor the show has seen thus far. 

Perhaps even more exciting, however, is that Borghese is the son of an actual prince and has familial ties to Napoleon, according to The Things. Despite his royal background, Borghese works as a cosmetics entrepreneur to earn his living, per Insider. According to the same publication, he is also the founder of Animal Aid USA and South Beach Brewing Company, so clearly, Borghese keeps busy with work. Though he didn't find true love on The Bachelor, Borghese is doing just fine with his several businesses and millions of dollars. 

Lorenzo Borghese isn't the only Bachelor bringing in the big bucks

While Lorenzo Borghese may be the richest contestant, many other Bachelors also have millionaire status. For example, Jesse Palmer, who hails from season five of the show, is one of the most memorable cast members. Thanks to his history as an NFL pro-athlete and subsequent ventures in sports commentating, Palmer's worth is estimated at $8 million, per Celebrity Net Worth

Then there are other contestants who haven't quite reached the millionaire club — yet. Former Bachelor Ben Flajnik, who hasn't quite reached the $1 million mark but is pretty darn close at $800 thousand. When Flajnik starred in the 16th season of The Bachelor, he had just sold his Sonoma County winery, according to The Things. Along with his current job at Yelp, Flajnik is definitely not hurting financially. 

Overall, there have been lots of men to filter through The Bachelor ranks — some are incredibly wealthy, and some not so much. Fortunately, money isn't everything, and each season of The Bachelor is filled with endless entertainment either way.