The Untold Truth Of House Of Ho

Fans of Bling Empire are anxious for Season 2 to begin. If you are obsessed with the extravagant lives of the Bling Empire gang, you need to watch House of Ho on HBOMax. House of Ho follows the Ho family, a wealthy Vietnamese-American family in Houston. The series offers the same Crazy Rich Asians vibe as the Netflix hit, but House of Ho adds in a dash of family dysfunction to the mix.

Binh and Hue Ho are immigrants from Vietnam. In addition to Binh and Hue, the Ho family consists of three adult children: Judy, Washington, and Reagan, and their families. The Ho sons are named after former U.S. presidents George Washington and Ronald Reagan, one way the Hos show their patriotism.

The series follows the Ho family's lives, along with the lives of "kooky" Aunt Tina and Cousin Sammy. The Ho family is ultra-wealthy, but they are not billionaires like cast of Netflix's hit series. Viewers relate to the HBOMax series because every family has sibling rivalry and at least one kooky Auntie.

But don't worry — this series' family dynamic does not get in the way of the bling and luxury! House of Ho features all the cars, shoes, clothes, and designer handbags that offer a delicious escape from reality. Keep reading to find out the untold truth about House of Ho.

The Ho family is living the American dream

House of Ho shows a family living the American dream. Binh and Hue Ho came to the United States in 1975; they were refugees from the Vietnam War. The Hos did not speak English when they arrived, and the couple had almost no money (via ScreenRant).The couple worked hard and became very wealthy. Now, the former refugees and their children live in Houston's swanky River Oaks area.

There's plenty of drama on House of Ho. Like many traditional Vietnamese families, the Hos are Catholic. Thus, when daughter Judy announced she was getting a divorce, it upset her dad. Judy is a lawyer, raising three children and dating a doctor. Oldest son Washington is supposed to take over the family business, but his main job seems to be drinking and going out with his buddies.

But, in a December 2020 Instagram post, Washington revealed he quit drinking on Nov. 22, 2019. It appears the family's future patriarch has made changes since the series was filmed. Washington's wife, Lesley Ho, plays a large role in the reality series. She is a pharmacist who has a full-time job and is the primary caregiver for the children. Lesley's mother-in-law is tough on her, but she seems to juggle it all gracefully. 

Hollywood Life confirmed Washington stopped drinking and his marriage to Lesley is much better. The outlet also reported that Judy and "Dr. Nate" are very serious. Check out the HBO Max's House of Ho — you will thank us later!