What Marco Rubio Thinks About Running Against Ivanka Trump In Florida

It seems like things may be heating up in Miami sometime soon — and we're not talking about global warming. Rumors are swirling that former first daughter Ivanka Trump, who just bought property in the city's exclusive Indian Creek Village with husband Jared Kushner, is considering running for the state's Republican senate seat in 2022. If so, it would put her directly up against current Sen. Marco Rubio, also a Miami resident, in the primary, according to the New York Post.

In mid-January 2021, Politico reported that Kushner has been "working single-mindedly to protect and promote his wife's 'political career,'" including "calling people and trying to line them up saying Rubio is terrible, worthless."

So, when Rubio appeared on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace brought up the rumors — and the senator responded. Let's take a look at how Rubio, Never Trump-er-turned-Trump supporter, responded to the possibility of a challenge from Ivanka Trump.

This is what Marco Rubio said when asked about Ivanka Trump's plans

Chris Wallace brought up the topic to Sen. Marco Rubio, saying: "There has been talk ... about the possibility that Ivanka Trump might run against you in a Republican primary in Florida." Then he posed the million-dollar question: "How seriously do you take Ivanka Trump as a potential opponent?"

Rubio initially gave a noncommittal reply: "Well, I, I, I don't really get into the parlor games of Washington." Then he continued with something equally neutral: "When you decide to run for re-election in a state like Florida, you have to be prepared for a competitive race, you run it like a competitive race, so that's what I'm preparing to run, a very competitive race against a tough opponent."

The senator, who's been a leader in opposing the impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump, then replied: "I like Ivanka, and we worked very well together on issues, and she's a U.S. ..." before trailing off and praising his own achievements.