The Transformation Of Christine Chiu From Bling Empire

Christine Chiu is quickly becoming a household name with her breakout role in Netflix's popular new reality series aptly titled Bling Empire. Think Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous featuring affluent Asian Americans living, working, and playing (especially playing) in Los Angeles. The new series has wasted zero time garnering beaucoups of attention right out of the gate. Even media titan Rolling Stone referred to it as "a celebration of culture — clad in couture." Sounds dreamy, right?!

But what is there to know about the show's "Couture Queen" Christine Chiu (via Marie Claire) and how did she go from the title of DW a.k.a. Doctor's Wife, who dabbles in philanthropy and attends haute couture fashion shows around the world like it is her job, to an overnight reality star? And how does this play out in the grand scheme of things? Especially when you factor in her husband's insatiable desire to continue expanding their family? Keep reading after the jump to find out!

Christine Chiu's journey into motherhood was not without obstacles

As reported by Business Insider, Christine Chiu was born in Taiwan and moved to the United States when she was only five years old, where it would appear she hit the ground running, even snagging herself a royal husband. Yep, we said royal. According to an interview Christine gave with Town & Country in February 2019, her husband and renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu is "the 24th direct descendant of the Song Dynasty." So that basically means she's a queen, right? RIGHT!

But it appears that even endless shopping and helping her husband with his successful practice, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, has its limitations after a while. Eventually Christine opted to add the title of mother to her résumé — and she had no qualms opening up on the show about the journey she and her husband embarked on when they decided to expand their family. She even admitted on camera to a big secret she had been harboring from Gabriel's family for many, many years. As reported by US Weekly, fertility issues put a serious strain on the couples' marriage due to the fact that Gabriel was the one unable to have children, but it was Christine who shouldered the blame for their fertility struggles. YIKES.

Luckily, all's well that ends well and the couple now has a beautiful baby boy they lovingly refer to as "Baby G." Now if only Gabriel would get off Christine's back about trying for baby number two!