Kanye West May Not Lose Money On Canceled Tour

A silver lining in his breakdown: Kanye West may not lose money on his cancelled Saint Pablo tour.

When it was announced on Monday, Nov. 21, 2016, that West was bailing on the remainder of his tour, Billboard estimated that approximately 300,000 tickets would be refunded, resulting in a loss of approximately $27.3 million, as well as money for venues, wages for venue employees, and a slew more expenses.

However, TMZ reports that because West had an insurance policy on the tour, he may still get paid for the performances, and may be off the hook for any money lost. Billboard reports that a standard policy for most tours covers "accident to or illness of any insured person which, in the opinion of an independent medical practitioner approved by the underwriters, entirely prevents any insured person from appearing or continuing to appear in any or all of the insured performances or events." However, if West, 39, had a prior condition that he failed to disclose to the insurer, or if his condition was due to his own "capricious behavior," he may still have to pay up.

Sources tell Page Six that his tour cancellation is legit. "That cancellation comes from people who have been a part of his inner circle for years," an insider dished. "People are concerned about him. His physician made the call to check him into the hospital. People around him feel like it was time...for him to get help."

As for the details on Yeezy's hospitalization, a source says, "No one was assaulted. The guy was suffering from sleep deprivation, lucid, very f**king tired. The police report says he was taken at force. He wasn't forcibly taken. He definitely was not put on a 5150 [an involuntary psychiatric hold]."

Thankfully, his support system is sold, with the insider noting, "Kim is very focused on him. She doesn't seem frightened. She went straight into handling mode and is being very strong. She's been by his side day and night. He's going to be fine. He's doing well. He's resting. He's getting along with everyone, all of his caregivers."