The Truth About Katee Sackhoff And Karl Urban's Split

Katee Sackhoff has enjoyed a long career in Hollywood, with IMDb credits dating back to the late '90s. However, she is most recognized by fans for her work in the sci-fi realm and created a buzz after appearing in episodes of The Mandalorian. Karl Urban had a similar career trajectory and similarly made his biggest impact for appearing in science fiction and action films. The celebrity couple created a buzz when they became romantically linked.

Prior to meeting Urban, Sackhoff was with long-time partner Scott Niemeyer, who is a producer in the industry. Speaking to InStyle, the Battlestar Galactica actress expressed how emotional it was when Niemeyer proposed after seven years of dating. "We were sitting and having coffee in the morning and he slid it over," she added, "I was crying and he was crying. It was great."

Before dating Sackhoff, Urban had a serious relationship as well. He was married to makeup artist Natalie Wihongi for 10 years until the couple announced their divorce in June of 2014, as per the NZ Herald. The couple had two boys while they were married named Hunter, and Indiana, and issued a joint statement following their separation: "We are committed to maintaining our family relationship, working together to ensure that our children are affected as little as possible."

Both Sackhoff and Urban worked on the action film Riddick that was released in 2013, and they started appearing in headlines together after Urban's divorce.

Karl Urban clarifies their relationship with a tweet

Katee Sackhoff and Karl Urban met while traveling with members of their respective families. The actress said she became acquainted with her future beau when their flight was delayed. "We met on a plane to Montreal to do a sci-fi convention three years ago," she told Metro in 2017. The couple made local headlines when Urban brought his girlfriend back to his native New Zealand in early 2015. As reported by the New Zealand Herald, this came seven months after he went public with his separation from his ex-wife.

Multiple stories were written about the duo, and they were often asked about one another during their interviews. While discussing her new home with the L.A. Times in 2016, Sackhoff was asked about a certain knick-knack on her bookshelf that bore her boyfriend's image. "I never intended to keep his action figure, but you can't throw it away. It's bad mojo for a relationship," the actress said.

However, their relationship wasn't forever. In August 2019, Urban went public with the couple's split by responding to an article about his hit show The Boys. "One small inaccuracy... @kateesackhoff and I are no longer together and have not been for over a year," he tweeted. "Katee is a phenomenal woman, a compassionate humanitarian & a brilliant actor.I love and respect her." 

Earlier that year, Sackhoff's new boyfriend, Robin Gadsby, began posting photos of the couple on his Instagram page. She also posted several romantic snaps of the couple together on her own Instagram page.