Too Hot To Handle's David Just Sparked Debate With Vacation Pics

Too Hot to Handle star David Birtwistle is sparking a debate on his Instagram by not only continuing to post photos of himself traveling despite the global pandemic, but also for trying to defend his actions. 

On a recent Instagram post, David showcased himself jumping off a yacht and into the ocean with a caption that read, in part, "Everyone is under some restriction, some more than others but one thing is for sure; Where you can, take the chance to enjoy yourself, boost your morale and lift your spirits.⁣"

While it sounds like a nice sentiment, many fans have been calling out David for flaunting his travels as many others heed travel restrictions or quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. David acknowledged the criticism in his post writing, "Yeh I feel bad when I have fun knowing that people I love don't have that same freedom. ⁣"

While David might feel bad, it hasn't stopped him from living his life the way he wants and posting about it. The Londoner did add in the post that the United Kingdom's lockdown has been tough on him. This may be why the Netflix reality star recently traveled to Dubai and shared the reason why he made that decision, even if it irks his own fans. 

Fans are criticizing David for flaunting his travels while so many are struggling

David Birtwistle from Too Hot to Handle is attracting some heated comments on an Instagram post where he wrote about his decision to travel despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

David wrote, in part, in a caption: "Yeh I get horrible DMs explaining how much of a terrible person I am for trying to enjoy myself when some people can't.⁣ But there is even less point in not doing something, simply because others can't.⁣"

Some fans disagree. One critic wrote, "There's a global pandemic and many are suffering and have lost loved ones and/or employment. While I applaud those who found a creative way to escape the malaise, I find it cold and lacking empathy to flaunt one's access and excess in such dire times." Another follower wrote, "seeing things like this whilst I work in healthcare with patients who suffer and even die from COVID makes me feel nauseous." Someone else called out his attempt to defend himself: "Enjoy yourself.... but maybe don't put some disingenuous attempt at empathy in a post of you on a boat when you know most of the world is still truly and deeply struggling."

Others are defending David's decisions. "Just do you... no matter what you do in this world someone always has something to say," one supporter wrote.

We have a feeling David will continue to "do him," despite the controversy.