90 Day Fiance: Everything We Know About Yara's Pregnancy

OH, BABY! If you are all caught up on 90 Day Fiancé, then this opening liner makes perfect sense. If not, we kindly suggest you exit the browser because we've got some serious spoilers coming your way and you will not be able to wipe this information from your brain no matter how hard you try.

As reported by TV Insider, during episode 8 of Season 8, Yara Zaya found out that she was expecting a little bundle of joy — much to her shock and dismay. "F**k, I don't want to think about this," Yara frantically exclaimed to a friend over the phone. "I can't understand I'm pregnant now. What will I do alone, with a kid? That's not my plan for sure."

But as it turns out, coming to terms with the surprising news was only half the battle. Relaying the news to her fiance Jovi Dufren proved to be an even bigger challenge. Keep reading after the jump to learn about Jovi's knee jerk reaction after learning that Yara was pregnant.

Jovi Dufren had his doubts Yara Zaya was pregnant

As reported by TV Insider, Jovi Dufren had his doubts that his fiancee Yara Zaya was actually pregnant. "I would love to be able to believe her. I trust her, I really do, but at the same time it's hard for me to believe that she gets to America and suddenly she's pregnant," he explained during episode 9 of 90 Day Fiance. Luckily, one digital test later and the soon-to-be Dad started to warm up to the news. He also apologized for not initially trusting Yara. 

Soon after the episode aired, the couple spoke candidly about learning of the pregnancy with US Weekly. "She took the pregnancy test. She sent it to me while I was at work," Jovi explained. "She was like, 'I think I'm pregnant again, here's the test.' I'm just like, 'S**t, I wasn't expecting this. It's out of the blue.' So, I thought, 'Is she tricking me again? Is she really pregnant? What's going on?'"

Yara also discussed the initial fear she felt after reading the positive result, especially coming off the heels of a tragic miscarriage. But that fear quickly subsided and she was suddenly overcome with joy. "I was so happy inside because, first of all, I'm like, 'Oh my goodness, I can have a baby, and I love this person so much,'" she gushed. Congratulations, Yara and Jovi!