90 Day Fiance: Amira Just Confirmed Her Relationship Status

Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollya joined season eight of 90 Day Fiance with a promising relationship. Andrew, who hails from California, met Amira, who is from France, on an international dating site, according to a press release issued by TLC. Andrew was reportedly looking for something serious at the time and was ready to have a family. Luckily for him, he "felt an instant connection" as soon as he spoke to Amira. The long-distance romance cemented itself as a serious relationship when the pair met up in Las Vegas and Andrew proposed to Amira after only days of knowing her. This was all before the coronavirus pandemic sent the world into a social and economic shutdown, which proved to be quite the obstacle for the newly engaged duo.

In a January 2021 episode of 90 Day Fiance, Andrew thought he found a way to see Amira through a loophole he discovered while talking to other long-distance couples facing the coronavirus issue, per ScreenRant. However, the plan did not work out too well and Amira found herself detained in Mexico City while Andrew treated himself to a massage at a resort in Puerto Vallarta.

Andrew and Amira's relationship was heavily criticized by viewers, but the deportation incident really caused a stir, with many 90 Day Fiance fans attacking Andrew for not helping Amira. In response, Andrew spoke out to defend himself, leaving viewers wondering if the pair are still engaged.

Andrew addresses drama, Amira updates fans on her relationship status

Rather than lashing out at fans for blaming him for the Mexico fiasco, Andrew Kenton seemed to spin the story and push the deportation onto Amira Lollya, per Screen Rant. In a series of screenshots posted to his Instagram Story in January 2021, Andrew shared messages between him and Amira, which shows her taking "full responsibility" for even deciding to go to Mexico in the first place. He then seemed to attack Amira, saying he's a "real one" and that she is a "fame hungry liar." He added, "All I ever did was support someone else's dream!! My presence on your screen is even further proof of that. I honestly never needed or wanted this show."

By Feb. 3, Amira seemingly hinted at her relationship status, alluding that she was cooking for a special someone. "One of my fav things about being in a relationship is to share and cook for my partner," she wrote on a since-deleted Instagram Story over a Boomerang of brownies. 

If the brownies Amira shared are in fact for a special someone, it's not clear whether they are for Andrew or someone new. Screen Rant speculates that the couple may have chosen Serbia as the next destination for their loophole, which means they could very well be in America together if the plan worked out.