What Is The Song In The Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Commercial?

Beer and celebrities are two essential ingredients for a solid Super Bowl ad. Another is telling a great story or sharing a meaningful message with the viewers at home. Michelob Ultra's 2021 Super Bowl ad features some appearances from major athletes, including Super Bowl champ Peyton Manning, tennis legend Serena Williams, NBA champion Anthony Davis, soccer star Alex Morgan, basketball player Jimmy Butler, and golfer Brooks Kopeka, according to Ad Age. However, they're not doing what fans are used to seeing. Instead of playing their chosen sports, they are throwing darts, playing video games, singing karaoke songs, and playing chess. 

The commercial is "putting a spotlight on what they do in their downtime." In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, athletes (who are used to being super busy), have had more time off the field/court than ever before. In the commercial, the stars are enjoying themselves finding happiness, while drinking Michelob Ultra beer, obviously. 

Michelob Ultra's VP of marketing Ricardo Marques told Ad Age, "Enjoying the moments along the journey is as important as the journey itself." The goal of the commercial is "to remind us all that joy and happiness are not a distraction but instead, a key ingredient to winning and success." Another one of those key ingredients is choosing the perfect song to set the tone, a selection that this ad nailed perfectly. 

Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl commercial uses a classic '90s song

Michelob Ultra's 2021 Super Bowl commercial concludes by asking, "Are you happy because you win? Or do you win because you're happy?" That's something that can be debated, with some of the ad's stars agreeing that happiness comes before success. Serena Williams posted, "Victory is temporary, but joy is eternal. Grateful for all of the joyful moments, big and small." Alex Morgan shared, "Finding joy along the way is one of the things that has helped lead to my success," explaining that she took part in Michelob Ultra's commercial "to reinforce the importance that #JoyWins."

In contrast, Anthony Davis didn't make such concrete statements. Instead, he posed questions to his followers, writing, "Working with @michelobultra and they asked me 'Are you happy because you win? Or do you win because you're happy?' What you do you think?"

The commercial might leave viewers to ponder those very questions or to buy some beer. There might also be some people who can't get that song out of their heads, looking for some musical motivation to find their own happiness. Of course, there are probably a lot of people who immediately recognized the classic song. However, there might be some people who might not know what's up. Super Bowl viewers can listen to that very song — "Can I Kick It" by A Tribe Called Quest — if they're in need of inspiration.