Teen Mom: Inside Maci Bookout's Son's Relationship With His Dad

America first met 16 & Pregnant star Maci Bookout in 2009 when she was a pregnant high schooler living in Tennessee. She was expecting with her then-boyfriend Ryan Edwards, who has had quite the tumultuous time in the spotlight.

Ryan already had fans fuming within the first season of 16 & Pregnant due to his apparent mistreatment of Maci, with the star seeming uninterested in her pregnancy. His antics during Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG didn't impress fans either, causing some viewers to be worried about his health and safety. For instance, on his way to his 2017 wedding ceremony to Mackenzie Standifer, Mackenzie questioned his sobriety when he couldn't focus on driving, per PeopleRyan entered rehab shortly after his wedding, and he released a statement following the head-turning episode, thanking his wife, fans, and parents for being so supportive. Unfortunately, Ryan got arrested in 2017 for alleged heroin possession following his stint in rehab, and in 2018, he got arrested again for violating his probation. The final arrest came in January 2019 for alleged theft of services for under $1,000, which landed him in jail for three months, according to US Weekly.

On top of being a father to son Bentley, Ryan welcomed two kids with Mackenzie. Although his criminal record seemingly has hit a standstill since his last run-in with the law, it brings the curious mind to wonder where his relationship stands with Bentley today. In a February 2021 episode of Teen Mom OG, fans got a better glimpse of that bond (or lack thereof).

Ryan Edwards' relationship with Bentley is struggling

During the Feb. 2, 2021 episode of Teen Mom OG, fans got an inside look into what Ryan Edwards' relationship was like with his first son Bentley, whom he shares with Maci Bookout. In the episode, Maci set up a therapy appointment for Bentley and his father, previously saying it's something that Bentley had requested, per TooFab. In a phone conversation for advice with co-star Tyler Baltierra, who has a strained relationship with his father, Maci said, "I want him (Bentley) to be able to figure out how he feels, what's behind his anger, the sad. It's such a big deal for a kid."

When setting up the appointment, though, the therapist said it might be too quick to bring Bentley and Ryan together and suggested starting sessions with just Bentley first. In a phone call to follow up with the therapist after Bentley's first appointment, Maci was heartbroken by the report that her son "seems to feel neglected by his father and he has a hard time knowing what to do about it." The therapist continued, "It does seem like there's some very real emotional needs Ryan isn't meeting in Bentley. He's not going to give the attention and interest in his life that Bentley naturally needs and wants from his biological father."

Meanwhile, Ryan shared some controversial remarks when discussing whether he'd attend a therapy session with his son.

Will Ryan Edwards go to therapy with his son Bentley?

The Feb. 2, 2021, episode of Teen Mom OG showed Ryan Edwards reacting at the thought of sitting with his son Bentley in a therapy appointment. During his reflection, he admitted that he doesn't know whether Bentley or Maci Bookout wants the therapy sessions to happen. "Maci had come to mom and said that Bentley wanted us to do counseling. If he says that's how he feels, that's fine," he said. "But is it all your momma's bull****? I don't know which one it is." He then added that he's "tired" of "made-up stories and lies and problems."

Ryan's parents thought therapy was a positive move. "I think Ryan needs to be honest and talk to him to help Bentley understand what has been happening all these years," his father explained to the camera, possibly alluding to his arrests and stint in rehab. However, Ryan projected his disappointment onto ex Maci, saying he feels "sorry for Bentley that he has to grow up like that and grow up with that kind of person raising him." Yikes. The episode also showed Maci break down in tears over how awful she feels about the whole situation. "I never wanted to put 'neglect' and Bentley in the same sentence," she lamented.

So what's next for Ryan and Bentley? Only time will tell if they reach a resolution.